hello ive been for my results …i have a 15mm, type is no special type,grade 3,vascular invasion none,margins clear,lyph nodes 1 postive node,has any one had simular and did u have to have the rest of nodes out and what treatment did u need xx as i have got to have another op on 24th april to remove rest of nodes not looking forward to it :frowning: xx

Hi guinny
sorry to hear of your DX you are in the right place for support and advice. I was DX with grade 3 Inv Bc 3cm with 3/20 nodes affetcted, I had WLE and full node clearance on 27th feb, Now I have to have fec-t x 6 ( Chemo ) 1st one was last tuesday, Then rads then meds , it is a long journey ahead but the ladies on here are very positive and all say its do-able, well it has to be we really dont have a choice, I am still very early into treatment and struggling with emotions at the mo, this site has been a lifeline,

Good luck with your journey

Hugs Janice x

Hi Quinny

Sorry to hear of you results. I can see you have already had a reply from someone whos had a similar diagnosis to yours. I hope all goes well regarding your treatment plan.
Unfortunately I can’t offer any support regarding your diagnosis or treatment plan but I am on the site if you want to speak in the future.

Take care and will be thinking of you.


B x

thank you both xx

sorry that the results did not go your way , I know you have a long jounery ahead and that you do have small children heres hoping that family and frinds rally to support you
jan xxxx