Hi! Just back from the hospital and the good news is they managed to get all of the little b*****d! When I had the mri they spotted another bit 6 mm away from the main tumour,  she said she didn’t like the feel of it so also removed it, it turns out it was fibrous tissue.  Because they ended up taking more my boob is a bit of a funny shape,  so has said about the possibility of having a mamoplasty before any rads to try to correct first.  I was going to have that in the first place but opted for the ‘easier’ lumpectomy option in case I then needed a mastectomy.  So back tomorrow to see the consultant.  


Feeling a bit deflated as chemo hasn’t been mentioned until today,  the surgeon said everything points towards not needing chemo, but if I want I can choose to have an oncotype test. I really thought I had avoided chemo and the next  step would be rads and hormone treatment.  So back to the waiting uncertainty game.

Hi Eggster,

Well, it’s great about your results.

Although it’s something else on your mind niggling there, it’s good they’re offering you the oncotype test.

Like you, having chemo was my fear initially, but as I’m further down the line than you, It has slightly surprised me that I’ve had the odd thoughts of ‘should I have had chemo?’ 

At least having as much info as possible now, could put these thoughts to rest further down the line. 

ann x

Hi all…new to this…

ive had my surgery…everything was clear…my lymphnodes and my margins…I’m told I may still need chemo…but I’m not sure why if I’m clear .? I know I need Radiotheraphy…