results have just been today for my results after lumpectomy
thought it would be a breeze go in told all ok but not so have now been told after doing all tests has gone to invasive so no clear margins
so I now have to go again for a re-excision and is removing some lymph glands
at the same time
I feel gutted hubby so upset just don’t know what to say to him he has been so strong now I feel I have to be strong for him .
So its back to a waiting game again
has this happened to anyone else?


Sorry to hear that the results were not as you would have wished, Liz.

No, this hasn’t happened to me, but I did have DCIS with a small invasive element, so know how you feel. It is the fact we had a tumour which is so troubling.

Hopefully, they will get clear margins next time and that your lymph nodes will be clear. But you have to know, and the waiting is awful.

Good luck.