Hi everyone. 

I had a call from breast clinic today saying I don’t need to attend my next appointment because the material they removed was normal cyst material. 

Thank you all for your support. I may hang around for a bit and see if I can repay the support by answering questions others have. Xx

Ariom22 - that is wonderful news, what a relief. Thank you for coming back on to share your good news - it will definitely help others who are at the same stage, awaiting results.

It would be great if you can stay around to help others and reassure people that not all lumps are sinister. You have already sent a number of helpful messages.

Hope you can now relax and have a treat planned for this eve. Very best wishes, Evie xx

What fantastic news! 

im so pleased for you Ariom, you have been so kind replying to my thread, thank you xx

Hi Ariom,

Great that it’s not bc and thank you for posting the good news, since its really helpful for others being referred to know it happens. Plus spotted your post to one such person, which is lovely.