RESULTSHad wle not got all the cancer so mx but chemo 1st

Hi everyone i just thought i would let you about my results i had wle about 4 wks ago went today for results they didnt get all my cancer so iam to have a mx my cancer was 7cm about 76mm grade 2 i had 22 nodes taken of that 3 had cancer if thats the right way to say it but iam to have chemo 1st i have a appointment nxt wed with chemo doctor then about 2 wks after that i should start my chemo any advice or tips about anything i have said would be great thanks again everyone this site is so good maxine xxx


sorry that you have to do the chemo and although there will be some off days it’s not been as bad as i was expecting.

My advice is drink as much as you can the day before, of and after been given the chemo, it will help flush it thru’ your system.

Clean your teeth regularly and use mouthwash to stop ulcers starting, you won’t have full WBC to stop the infrction taking hold.

If you have ANY worries ask/ tell straight away. The hosp will give you the basic medication but will always give stronger if you ask.

Think of the chemo as a good thing not poison. Lots of people can refer to it as something bad, but it isn’t it’s saving your life so can only be good.

Get a flu jab and your family.

Expect your hair to go towards the back end of your 1st treatment, maybe have a shorter haircut to get used to the idea, maybe get a wig if you think you will wear it so you can have a few ‘test-runs’. Although you might want to try the cold-cap, i can’t comment on that as i’ve just gone Commando!

Take it easy. You will only have a finite amount of energy so decide how you want to use it.

Keep posting - join into other threads, there are so many different experiences and everyone is always supportive and welcoming. In fact i’m sure others will follow me with sruff i’ve missed!

Best of luck x

Maxine so sorry to hear the results were not what you would have wanted. Its just so awful when the goal posts keep getting moved isn’t it? I swear sometimes mine weren’t even on the same field but in a different town.I hope you had someone with you at the appt.
There are 2 threads on here that I can think of, one called cold cap and one on Tips to help you through chemo both worth a read.
Perhaps by the time you see your Onc next week you can have some questions written down. Do you know why you are having chemo next? Also can someone go with you? Is there a BCN at your clinic who would sit in the appt with you? Then afterwards you can go through what has been said? My BCN was a treasure.It depends on you and how much info you need. I needed to be told absolutely everything and questioned everything but thats me.
The help liners are also brill and there is a wealth of info from the lovely ladies on here too.
Certainly I was reminded by a friend when I could not come to terms with needing chemo that I was treating it as the enemy and I was. I had to visualise it as a cleansing water when it was being syringed or dripped in.Please keep posting, try not to google you can frighten yourself with that. Love and hugs Jackie

Chemo my friend? Not the way my head’s dealing with it. I’m more thinking of cancer as my enemy, and chemo as cancer’s enemy. Me and chemo are both on the same side, but I don’t have to LIKE chemo, just be kind to it so it can do its stuff.

Sorry you’re hitching a lift on the chemo bus, Max. There are others on here who are having chemo first and then surgery (SCACO? Isn’t that where you’re at too?) so there are plenty who can give you specific support as they’re in exactly the same position as you. I’m not quite, but still want to send you camaraderie.


CM it was my friend who talked me out of seeing chemo as the enemy I never thought chemo was my friend. Hope we are not confusing Maxine. J

Yes- I’m having mx after chemo, my choice as I thought I’d cope with it better. Feel free to post or pm me x