Return of cancer

It is nearly 5 years now since my lumpectomy (16mm invasive lobular grade 2 no nodes effected)and radiotherapy. I had tamoxifen for 2 years and am now on aromasin. I finish in May. I just seems to be hearing increasingly of people with the same prognosis, where the cancer has come back after 6-7 years in the other breast and has spread. I can’t find any facts or figures as everything seems to talk about 5 years. This is tending to scare me although I know there are many people out there who have been cancer free for many years.

Hi Fayelain,

It seems to me that no matter what sort of diagnosis you have no one can really predict the path your cancer will take. I know that it is said that invasive lobular will requently spread to the other breast there are those out there who havent had this happen, and some with DCIS with a very good prognosis end up with a very poor outcome. Mine was invasive ductal initially then became invasive lobular, then spread to the other breast - yes I have quite a history over 20 years but I am still here to tell the story. I hope you will be too :slight_smile: