Return to Normality?

Well been back at work for a month on graduated hours and it’s brilliant. I have a perfect job as mentioned before. Helping two men live in their own home. I only do 25 hours but it has given me some normality back in my life, I am worn out when I have done a full day though, One shift is 9 hours straight through. Another bone of contention eyelashes still short and stubby and eyebrows straggly and pathetic Hair positively PUBIC A small price to pay in my opinion and nowt to moan about lol Love to all Eileen

Hello Eileen. I’m very pleased that you seem to be more cheerful now and that you’re enjoying being back at work. My eyelashes took a long time to come back as well. My head hair is thick but is growing very slowly. I think the Herceptin has a lot to do with slowing down hairgrowth.
Take care and don’t get too tired - especially when you do the 9 hour shift.
Love Anthi