Return to work- certificate?

I am returning to work in the new on part time basis on the advice of my company nurse. I need a certificate from today to cover me for thise period. The company has Christmas shutdown from 21st. Dec. to 2nd Jan.( Four days of my annual holiday entitlement have been taken for this. As my HR Dept seem confused, I have 2 questions;
When I get me doctors certificate, do I need it up to 21st. December or 2nd January?

Will I need doctors certificate to cover me when I go back part-time?

Any help from you girls would be appreciated cos all this coming and going with my HR is stressing me out.


Love Norma x

I’ve just handed a back to work certificate in. I start work on 13th Dec but I’m using my holiday leave entitlement up before then so my paper had the 12th November as start back date although I wont go into work till a month later.

I would have thought that yours would be up to the first day that you intend to take as a holiday. You cannot take a holiday off work if they have a paper there for you for that date - you need to come off the sick to use up your holidays

I am also returning with shorter hours and I’m gradually increasing them over 5 weeks - I will not need a paper to cover me for the hours that I will be missing work although work will pay me for the full hours from when my paper ended.

hope this helps

My situation is very similar to Kelyn’s. I intend to go back early Feb but will use some annual leave for 4 weeks before that, so I need a certificate until the start of the annual leave only.

The question about you going back part time is potentially more complicated. For some of us, as in my case, there is a policy to cover phased returns, Like Kelyn, I will get paid full pay while building up to full time hours. Really only your HR team knows how your organisation treats phased returns - it is possible that they would want you to use some annual leave. But not sick leave - you are either off sick or not and you shouldn’t need a medical certificate to cover that time.

All the best


Thanks for all the help girls. I have just been told to have my cert dated to 31/12 ( next day in Bank holiday). The company now allows you to re-coop your holidays in special circumstances. I told them I am not bothered one way or the other, but hey an extra 12 days next year? Guilty or what?

Love to all

Norma XX