Returning to work



i am am wondring if anyone can assist me with a query.


When do you know if you are ready to return to work after surgery and treatment?


My sick note finishes on Friday and we are going away for a family holiday for 2 weeks at the beginning of July.  I am struggling with neuropathy and symptoms of the menopause, the doctor has prescribed Amitriptyline to help but I was wondering should I extend my sick note for another 8 weeks till the end of July?


Any help and advice greatly apppreciated as I am not sure what the best thing to do is as I am still having good and bad days.


Many thanks,



Hi Nikki

if It were me I would be looking at extending my sick note. You are still having bad days and questioning whether you are ready to return (which perhaps suggests you are not yet), I would enjoy your holiday and take the additional time to recover.

Mel xx

Hi Nikki,


Its really hard to say when is the right time as I guess it’s different for everyone but if you’re having doubts I’d say you’re probably not ready.


I went back on a phased return a month ago, first two weeks were okay but then extreme tiredness set in to the point I couldn’t stay awake much more than 2 hours so my GP signed me off again. My GP is amazing and has said she will sign me off for as long as I feel I need.


take that extra time, have a fabulous holiday and go back when you’re ready xx Melanie 

I’m 2 weeks post op and on the sick. My body feels fine, but my arm is still restricted and I get dips in my energy levels. I also have thrombo phlebitis. I asked my doctor for another 3 weeks off as my job working in a shop involves lifting heavy boxes and standing all day long. I guess you will know when you are fit and able to return to work depending on the type of job you do.Don’t rush back too soon, just build up your energy levels each day by doing gentle exercises.