Reverted nipple in Hong Kong= costly treatment

I have been scouring these pages for days and I have learned such a lot that I thought I would put my issues online and follow up with the hope they may help someone too.

6 weeks ago I looked down at my breast when dressing and my nipple had disappeared- nowhere to be found…one minute it was there and the next gone. Eventually I coaxed it out a little then in the next few days in was in and out, in and out then I forgot about it in the general life that comes with work, 4 kids living overseas etc Then 2 days ago I was dressing again and looked at my breast and again my nipple had disappeared and in addition it looked odd. No pain, no lumps, no redness, no itchiness just a disappearing nipple. Tell hubbie- well that was a red flag- he will get it out- and to be fair he did but it still wasn;t right so off to the doctors. Doctor didn’t like the look of it- well it is 50 years old and breastfed 4 kids for 12 years- its not very pert!!- did a full exam- no lumps but nasty enough looking to go straight to surgeon no mammogram no messing straight for the biopsy! 10 days until my appointment and now I am scared stiff everywhere except that disappearing nipple which still hides.Its hard this waiting…

These dropping boobies fed my kids, comforted them when they cried, soothed my husband when he lost his Dad, gave me pleasure and now they could be the death of me!

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