Rib after DIEP reconstruction

I have a hard area in mycleavage after my reconstruction. i am not seeing my PS till next month but when I went for a check up with the surgeon who did the mastectomy he said my rib had popped out and this was not unusual! Anybody else had this happen and what they did have done to put it right?

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Yes I have the same thing. Doesn’t really bother me at all so not having anything done about it. It’s low down on my cleavage and can’t be seen.

Mine is quite high and so my cleavage looks uneven, have you spoken go your PS about it?

I am seeing my PS next week - will ask him about it then - it’s just not bothered me because I know what it is.

Can you Let me know what the PS suggests ?

I too had this hard area low down in my cleavage - it’s where they chip into the breastbone to attach the blood vessels. Now more than thirteen months post DIEP this hardness has gone - I think some of the hardness may have been scar tissue.
Sue x