Rib Bones

Hi Ladies,

I’ve searched this forum for a while trying to find anything about or anyone with Secondaries in their Rib Bones?

Anyone out there with similar situation?

Love to all

Jen x x x

Hi Jen

I was dx with liver & bone secondaries in 2003, including some in my ribs. At the time, I had a blast of radiotherapy to my right side (and sacrum – I have bone mets there and in other places too), and have been on an oral bisphosphonate (Bondronat) for over seven years. I usually don’t have any bone pain from these mets (or from my liver mets), but just take ibuprofen if I need it.

Are you on a bisphosphonate? I can highly recommend Bondronat tablets, but there are several other options, including a few IV infusions.

Good luck with your treatments, and please come back to ask more questions whenever you need some support or information.

Marilyn x

Hi Jen - if you check out the bone mets thread “Bone mets - please join in” I think you’ll find quite a few people with bone mets in their ribs. I had one until a couple weeks ago, but have just had it zapped with Cyberknife.

finty xx