rib pain after bc

hi everyone had bc almost 5yrs ago now had reconstruction may 07, since mastectomy and more so since reconstruction i have had severe nerve damage 2 my shoulder arm and hand, fingers feel like elecric shock going through them.but since the recon i have rib pain under my new boob and its progresivley got worse getting bit worried about seconderies but had bone scan a year and a half ago because of back prob, fortunately it 2 prolapsed discs in my back. but realy worried about ribs thanks all x

Hopefully it’s just a pulled ligament or something else that can easily be treated. However you won’t know unless you see a Dr and get some tests done. I know it’s scary but please ask for tests and don’t leave it any longer. Best of luck and I hope it’s nothing serious.

thanks for replying silverlady have been 2 doctors he just doesnt listen, sometimes i think he bought his medical degree, pains in my ribs and back im also getting breathless when i try 2 do anything. Doctor said its a bug im my stomach (doh) but i have the clinic on the 22 feb so hoping they will investgate , he asked if i was on chemo and im like eh naw have finished 4yrs ago dont no what 2 do with him bye for now x x x

Was that your GP? Sounds a complete waste of space. He obviously has no idea about BC and didn’t even bother reading your notes. I would suggest you bypass him and phone your oncologist’s secretary. Then your onc can decide whether you need to come in sooner or whether it can wait until next month.
I really hope it turns out to be nothing. Don’t torture yourself by waiting if you’re worried.
Jacquie x

yes he is a waste if time, i have a breast cancer meeting on monday will ask bcn what she thinks maybe she will get me in abit earlier heres hoping thanks for replyin 2 my mess, hope u r well

After my surgery I had a very uncomfortable feeling under my ribs on the side of surgery. I was very worried about what it could be but it went off after a few weeks/months. With hindsight I think it was where they ‘hoiked’ my arm up in surgery-think it pulls your diaphragm or something. Hope this helps to put your mind at rest but if uncertain please ask your surgeon- although they will deny it was them that pulled you!!

Also I saw a waste of space GP when my brilliant lady Doctor was off. I should n’t have bothered. Some men have no idea at all. You get to know who you trust.