Rib pain after lumpectomy?

Hi everyone
just wondering if anyone has experienced rib pain after lumpectomy. I’m 3 weeks post surgery, have not had any chemo or rads yet, and should say that my lymph nodes were clear so it’s unlikely to be anything like secondaries (right?!..?!). Site of surgery is healing well (though still hard and painful to touch but not red or swollen).
Yesterday and today I feel like I’ve been kicked in the ribs- not a constant pain but very sore to touch. Wondering if it might be something to do with the exercises (I’ve been doing lots of them as I’m determined to get mobility back and terrified about lymphoedema). Anyone had a similar experience?

I’m 1week post op and have had rib pain too unlikely to be anything to worry about I believe it’s part of the natural healing process they do rummage around a bit whilst in there (couldn’t resist and watched on you tube) also could be simply down to holding yourself in unnatural positions because of wound if you remain worried contact your Bc nurse but I’m sure it’s fine hope it feels better soonx

Ooh that’s strangely tempting to watch it on YouTube! I’m sure you are right, hope yours feels better soon too xx

Hope rib pain settles soon. Is Paracetamol any use? Varya XXX

Hi, I had a mastectomy two weeks ago - after surgery I also had rib pain. It felt like I had been kicked in the ribs.It was quite uncomfortable! I also discovered some bruise marks on my thigh near my buttock, so I don’t know if that is all from some clamp they use or something. Even now there is still some soreness at on my lower ribs. I would love to know exactly what they were doing as I didn’t expect that!:slight_smile: Don’t think I’m brave enough to watch the Youtube video though:)

I had this for a year after lumpectomy until I went to an osteopath who said I had a rib out of place! In one adjustment he put it back and I am so much better.

My ribs under breast where lumpectomy was performed in Jan 2017 hurt when i take deep breath. I am talking severe pain abut  a 7!  I lost 3 lymph nodes.  


I had 16 days of radiation.  Because of my age no chemo!