Ribbon Walk - Blenheim

Ribbon Walk - Blenheim

Ribbon Walk - Blenheim Is anyone else going to do the walk on June 9th?? I’m doing the 20 mile walk with 4 friends (2 of whom have had bc).

Would love to hear how your training is going. We were full of good intentions, but the date is approaching very rapidly & I’m afraid we’ll struggle to get the miles in ( my kids only went back to school today, after 4 weeks of holiday).

The most we’ve managed so far is about 5 miles! I really do think we need to get going, but a long walk takes the best part of a day!

Hope to hear from fellow walkers for some inspiration!


Training is hard! I’m doing the same walk with 1/2 friends (that’s 1 or 2 not a half!! don’t know if the second friend has signed up yet). I’m finding the training hard and it wasn’t my idea to do 20 miles!! I would have been happy with 10.

I seriously recommend that you get in some long walks. I am very unfit so things may be easier for you but I’ve found things harder than I had hoped. 10 miles is fine but I’m really strugglling to get to 15 miles.

Are you all training together? I’m doing all mine on my own and I’m thinking it’ll be better with chums!

Yes it does take time but I think it is time well spent. My plan was to have walked 15 miles twice by the end of April, well I’ve managed it once! And I thought I’d never walk again!!

My fear is that I’ll be the last over the line and everyone will have gone home!

Good Luck