Ridiculous Words!!!

I wonder how many of us have been told to ‘try not to worry’ or ‘don’t worry’.

Ridiculous to say this to anyone let alone a person who may have or has had BC.

I am awaiting results from pelvic scan. gosh have the GP receptionists worried me, then this one today said this ‘oh they look at 3 things and one of the things they look at on your results is very high, but as your coming to the docs on Fri its best to let her discuss it with you’ Don’t worry, GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Not only am i worried about the pain and lump under my arm mastectomy side i am now concerned about the pelvic scan results.


Have they any idea what our lives are like??

Hi Liverbird

I can only agree with you - unless someone has had cancer they have absolutely nooooooo idea of thre stress waiting for results.

I have already posted on this section as I am having an isotope bone scan tomorrow - I have a tender spot on one of my ribs - I am totally freaked out as I’m only 2 1/2 years post op and thought I had a really good diagnosis - no lymph nodes, no chemo, no rads.

Soooo, don’t worry is pretty hard to take!

Big hug for all of us waiting for results, Grace x

Hi Liverbird

I used to work at a GP surgery and she is out of order saying anything to you. You must be really worried. If I was you I would ring your surgery tomorrow morning and ask to speak to a/your GP and explain what was said and you want your results, they will understand.


Hi liverbird,
I agree with mandy the receptionist should not have said anything about the test results, she will be completely unable to interpret them, for some things a high number can even be positive not negative. Phone the GP tomorrow and ask to speak to a gp so you can hopefully have your mind put at rest. take care

Hi Liverbird.

Have you rang them? If not, good luck for tomorrow.xxxxxxxxxx

lots of hugs and giood vibes.


Hi mandy
ta for your post and the others too.
Na i havent rang again, to be honest the scan results are low on my worry list, its this flippin pain in mastectomy scar and lump under my arm. I am going to suggest to GP she rings my onc and gets a scan done thats the only way i will stop worrying.

I was only thinking at work today how much i HATE this bloomin disease and how lovely it would be never to have had it but then there are so many worse off than me so i feel guilty being self pitying.

Wil post tomorrow after GP visit.

Take Care Rxx

Not good for the receptionist to give out partial information and then tell you not to worry. Good luck for tomorrow - hope the results are good.

Hi Liverbird

I can so sympathise. Last Thurs at one hour’s notice, just about to leave for hosp for ANC when BCN rang and said op cancelled. Found something “suspicious” on my liver. I totally freaked. She had to ring my GP for him to leave out a prescription for sleeping pills. Then on Friday morning she rang and said try not to worry after saying it was suspicious!

On Tuesday got results of CT scan and they found no evidence of disease. Why do they do it to us?

I hope your results are good as mine were in that respect.

Starfish xx

Just sitting having a cry.
It was ridiculous the pelvic scan was normal so the GP was furious when i told her what the receptionist had said and quite honestly wondered what she was reading out to me.

The reason i am crying is i do have a lump under my arm so its the rapid breast clinic on the 7th May. I just had a discussion with the breast care nurse secretary sayin how silly it is we are treated like any run of the mill patient even with having had a DX before.
You would think you would be seen in a week.

Beginning to think i should have had axillary clearance of nodes not SNB.
Head all over the place i dont do this waiting bit to well.

Got to stay in and wait for a bloomin gas maintenance guy to come which doesnt help.


HI Liverbird

I am glad your pelvic scan was normal. Sorry that you have to go back to the rapid access breast clinic. Have you got a breast care nurse you can speak to at the hospital who may be able to bring the appointment forward.

Thinking of you.


Hi Liverbird,

Really sorry to hear your news especially after you have already had so much treatment.
I so often see your name on the threads and enjoy those you start and add to. You so often bring a smile to my face with your sense of humour.
Wishing you good news in the future and hoping that you soon back to being your hyper active self.

Magsi x