Right shoulder blade aching

Hi ladies,

Had mx and full anx clearance on 23 feb,not had rads yet due for planning on 1 april.I,ve had an ache in my right shoulder blade for a few weeks,(same side as my op)its not there all of the time, but i go for a walk with the dog and notice it, sometimes it doesn’t come on until late afternoon.I’m wondering if it’s due to op, or just tension, but keep worring it could be something sinister.
Feel such a whimp love Lesleyxxx

Hi there,

I had my lymph nodes cleared from under my left arm in October 2006, 4 weeks after having a lumpectomy. I still get an ache in my shoulder blade area from time to time (it’s like it affects the muscles there). I find doing a bit of stretching my arm over my head helps to loosen it again. My breast care nurse told me her mum had BC back in the late 80s, then again a few years ago. In the 80s they didn’t give ladies exercises to do and her mum’s arm and shoulder mobility are quite poor, to the point she has difficulty hanging out washing and any tasks involving stretching.

It’s only been a short while since your op and there are all sorts of things going on like nerve damage which can take years to repair. I still get stabbing sensations in my arm where some of the nerves are trying to join again. If you are concerned I would mention it at the rads planning appointment as they are very amenable to any problems you might be having and you are monitored all the way through the treatment.

PS your doggy is lovely!


It’s probably from the surgery as it sounds similar to what I had a couple of years ago after my mx and full anc - mine was left side. The more you’re using it, the more it will ache later at this stage.

My bcn had a look at mine and my movement or lack of it in spite of exercises and the upshot was a combination of muscle pain from surgery (think they pull you about a lot under anaesthetic!), the start of lymphoedema and frozen shoulder. For the rads, it’s important you can keep your arm in the position and after a few days of going, it can get stiff. I ended up with loads of physio which did the trick for the most part, although I’ll never get rid of the lymphoedema. The sooner it’s dealt with the better so perhaps try your bcn, altho the rads people should be able to advise.

Good luck.

I have read that in some cases, the surgery may involve having to dislocate the shoulder, but they have to tell you if they think they will need to do that. Before I had my underarm clearance done I looked it up on the internet and found some pics of a patient being operated on. They tilt you backwards to get your underarm into the right position during this procedure and the surgery takes around 45 minutes.