RIP to fabulous Gingerbud (Tina)

I am gutted to be posting in the ‘In memory’ section for Tina, who was a tremendous support and friend to me since I was diagnosed. Rest in peace Tina. You fought this disease every step of the way with great courage. God bless you and your husband, little boy and family, another young life snatched away too soon.

For people who haven’t read it on the triple negative recurrence thread, this is what Tina’s husband wrote earlier today:

Gingerbud says on 24 Apr 2012 14:53

Hi everybody, I am Tina’s husband Ian we never made it to Disneyland Tina took ill at the airport and went to hospital on thursday. Unfortunately Tina illness worsed and alot of fluid had built up on here heart and sadly she passed away on sunday. We are devastated with her loss and the void she will leave in our lives. I have got our wonderful son Daniel who is three and looks like Tina everyday. He was Tinas world the only thing she ever wanted in life. One of her last wishes was to make sure I post on here to let people know, she had made some really good friends since joining and I thank you for all the support you have given her. If you could let other people know about here passing it would be much appreciated. If anybody wishes to contact me you can on tinas phone.
i will check on here later in the week if anybody wants any further information.

I wish all of you the best of luck for the future and I hope and pray to God you all survive

thanks Ian

Thank you Tors for re-posting this here. A hug for you.

I didn’t really know Gingerbud, but have been a lurker on her triple negative secondaries thread. I am shocked and saddened to read of her death. She has inspired and encouraged so many with her wisdom, humour, courage and kindness. Yes, indeed, another young life snatched too soon.

Sincere condolences to Ian and Daniel and Tina’s wider family.

RIP Gingerbud

God bless.

I really don’t know what to say, I am so upset by this. Ian, thank you for updating us. From what I have known of Tina from my two years on this forum, she very much thought of other people and it seems typical of her to try and ensure all of her cyber buddies knew what had happened. I was gutted to read that Tina hadn’t made it to eurodisney, and when she didn’t post updates on her health over the weekend I had a really bad feeling, as she always tried to keep us updated. I will cherish every memory I have of Tina, she has been a great source of comfort, support, wisdom and information to me and, no doubt, to a great many people on this forum. Her willingness to share what she was going through has helped a lot of people. Her love for her little Dan and you shone through in every post she made. I am so very sorry that she has been snatched away like this, but I am sure she is now in a pain free place, being the old Tina, and directing things from the sidelines. Thank you so much for posting at this most difficult of times, and I send my love to you, Dan, and Tina’s parents.

Rest in peace now Tina, you did fantastic through a totally sh*tty time. Much love


Thank you Vickie for re posting here, such sad devastating news. RIP Gingerbud you will be truly missed.xxxx

Thank you for starting this thread, Vickie. My sincerely condolences to Tina’s family. Rest in Peace, you showed great courage and determination in the face of this rotten disease,Tina. xxx

Oh I am so sorry to hear this and very shocked too.I didnt expect it so very soon.Tina was a very special lady and such a support to many on here and irl.
My condolences to her family and friends-so sorry for your loss.


Very, very sad to read this news. I didn’t really know Tina either, but I had read a lot of her posts on the TN thread and I knew how much she wanted to make that trip to Disneyland. My sincere condolences to Ian, Dan and Tina’s family and friends.

RIP Tina x

What sad news. I was worried about Tina when she hadn’t updated the triple negatives secondaries thread as she was always thinking of others and keeping everyone up to date. I am so sad for you, Ian, and your lovely son Dan, who we all could tell was the light Tina’s life. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all you family and friends at such a painful and difficult time.
Thank you Tors for posting this.
Sweet dreams Tina and rest in peace.
Nicky xx

Dear Ian, Dan and all Tina’s family,

I am so so sorry. Tina was a wonderful woman who helped and inspired so many. What a fighter and an amazing mother she was - I’m sure her little Dan will grow up with that knowledge in his heart. I kept coming back to this forum because of Tina and the other great ladies on the TN thread. You have lost a very special person and we will all miss her too.

Love, Sarah xx

Terribly sad news. Though i ddn’t know Tina i often saw her posts. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.
RIP Tina. xxx

So sad to hear about Tina. Tremendously upbeat and determined, an inspiration to us all. I followed her story and saw all the support she gave to everyone.
I hope you find some comfort in our messages of support at such a devasting time.
Cat xx

I, too, was a lurker on the TN thread and admired Tina’s determination and courage. She was a remarkable woman who will be very much missed.

My sincere condolences to, Ian, Dan and Tina’s parents and wider family and friends.

RIP Tina.

Liz, xx

I just feel so sad.

Tina - you were so special. I will live a part of every day for you.

Sadie Xx Xx

Gentle hugs to you Sadie, that was a lovely thing to say. Thinking of you and all Tina’s thread buddies xxxxx

Such a shock to read this although I had seen on TN thread she was in hospital. So very very sad another lady gone far too young. RIP Gingerbud and sincere condolences to her family and friends.


Sending my love and deepest sympathies to you all… Xxx

I am a newbie but did catch the Disneyland thread… So sad.

Eleanor xx

Im so shocked at the news of Tina’s passing. I havent posted since my mother passed away in january 2011, however, I, like a lot of people have followed tina’s updates on her own health and the compassionate advice she gave to others for a long time and when raising money for bcc have had her and others firmly in my thoughts. A truly amazing woman who fought hard against this disease. Love to Tina’s closest.

I am so sorry to read this. My sincere condolences to her husband and son. She was an amazing woman. So helpful to others here.

I didn’t know Tina but read her name many times on different threads. She stood out for her compassionate and helpful posts. The love of her family shone through everything.
My love and sympathy to Tina’s family at this very sad time.
Diana xx

Thanks for reposting this here.

Tina was truly an inspiration to us all. She showed us how to make the most of every day and her love for you and Dan shone out of everything she said.

Deepest condolences to you both, to all friends and family and to everyone on this site who knew and loved Tina.

May she rest in peace

RIP Tina xx