Risk reducing mastectomy

i am 56, five years out currently on tamoxifen post lumpectomy, chemo and rads. However my anxiety has rocketed to the point where i feel physically sick self examining my breasts and almost always find something that i think is a recurrence but turns out to be normal tissue. I have also been put on 3 yearly mammograms which also frightens me. I am so sure its going to come back and feel the only way i can fight it is to have a double mastectomy i know this only reduces my risk slightly and will not statistically improve my survival but i am exhausted and frustrated by my anxiety and for me cant see any other way. I have a wonderful doctor and psychologist who have spent ages talking to me to try to help me make the decision. To date i want to still go ahead but would love to hear peoples views and experiences. I feel really guilty as i truly know i am so lucky i know so many people are living through frightening treatments, pain and almost impossible decision making, but these thoughts are always there. I know it won’t take the possibilities of occurences else where away but in my mind at least i feel i would have done everything i could. 

Hi suez - first of all I’m sending a big hug to you. I can really understand your thinking, I asked my surgeon to do a double when I was having treatment, but he said no and I didn’t pursue it and haven’t done since. So I’m sorry I can’t help with your specific question, but I hope that by replying I will bump up your question and others will come along. What I can do though is listen and chat to you about options if that helps in any way. Very best wishes, Evie xx

Hi sue

In 2010 I had single mx for grade 3 her2 idc only 4mm but I requested mx. I then had to wait for 11 months for 2nd mx as they were reluctant and I had to have a psychologist report .10 years on I have never regretted my decision and am perfectly happy living flat although I could have had reconstruction.My breasts were only a b cup so not visually much different. I am now 65 and run bike swim or gym most days.

Go with your instincts as we usually know our bodies and what’s right for us.

Best wishes

Elaine x