risk reducing surgery

Does anyone have a similar experience? I have had a WLE, clear nodes and booked for a mastectomy. I was diagnosed with DCIS but then told it was an invasive cancer. Now it is back to DCIS and all gone. Hooray! Now I am being offered risk reducing surgery - double mastectomy with chemo first, surgery and reconstruction and finishing with hormonal treatment. I am 51 with 2 relatives diagnosed before 50. I am happy to have anything which reduces my risk. Has anyone been through this?


There are a few of us discussing this here: breastcancercare.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=168&t=33033&p=573537#p573537


Thank you sandytoes. On my way there now!

min not sure why they are offering chemo if only had DCIS as this isnt invasive and wouldnt make a difference to your recurrence/progression risk… having chemo prior to treatment is usually given for larger sized invasive tumours.

risk reducing mastectomy also seems a bit of an over treatment if you only have two family members unless there was something specific about the cancers.

with two BCs in their 40s and one in 50s you would only be considered moderate risk for anything genetic and in most places they wouldnt normally offer or recommend such radical treatment… unless of course you requested it… and very often you would need to discuss it with psychologist prior to surgery.

without a gene your risk of getting breast cancer in the first place and a much lower risk of recurrence/progression under 10% compared to those with a mutation which is around 50-60%

the recurrence for DCIS is even lower than for invasive cancer.

i wouldnt rush hastily into things… make sure you have plenty of time to discuss it and feel happy your making the right decision for you… you can always decide at a later stage to have things removed but one they are gone you cant put them back.

take care

love and hugs xx