Having missed the TV series Rome have bought the 1st and 2nd series on DVD and I,m hooked.
Blimey girls, never seen so many breasts, genitals, castrations and other unmentionable things it makes this century look like shangrila! I am usually asleep on the settee before 9pm but not when I’ve got another espisode of Rome.
Us girls with our problems are living of a knife edge but blimey you would have been scared to get up in the morning if your lived then. This programme really takes my mind off things.
Anyone else affected by a programme that makes you think!!
Oh yes, not forgetting the S*X never seen so many variations!

Norma XX

PS- Starts in 52 BC- does that mean before Breast Cancer -mmmmmmmm?

Hi Norma,

Watched the TV series and have just finished the book.

Totally gripping stuff.

Doubt that BC was known then even though it must have existed. As for any treatment, I dread to think!

Maybe some time in the AD2000s, BC could become an “ancient disease”.

Margaret x

Hi Margaret

Yuk what pictures spring to mind about treatment , suppose they thought it was just an age thing. Great thought there though BC coming an old disease and I’m sure it will happen one day .

Let me know if you read any more good books, I am an avid reader but struggling to find anything gripping at the moment. Am into Stephen King, Dean Koontz and anything historical . Theres just something comforting about going to bed with a good book ( and the OH of course).

Norma X

Hi Norma,

Well since last posting, I have been doing a bit of research and have found the following about early medicine in Greece and Rome.

The doctors Hippocrates and Galen began to revolutionise medical thought by thinking about disease as a natural physical process, rather than one caused by magic and the supernatural. They had a profound influence on the treatment and understanding of disease for almost 1500 years. Hippocrates gave the name karkinos and karkinoma (the ancient Greek words for “crab”) to a group of diseases that he studied, including cancers of the breast, uterus, stomach and skin. Cancer became a recognised diagnosis in this time period. Although Galen removed some tumours surgically, he generally believed that cancer was best left untreated.

Need some light reading now!!

Margaret x

We have a lot to thanks the Greeks and Romans for as far as medicine goes and even the word Carcinoma which is used now came from them. A very interesteg can of worms you could have opened up here. While I am of work I may do a little research myself, I find it fascinating.

Hope you enjoy you light reading.

Norma x

Living in France I am enjoying old British films and series. I watched Rome three times. I was also hooked on Deadwood - brilliant. Cannot explain to daughter why - I am a “gentle old soull of 72” - let’s blame it on the Cancer

Hi Hedgehog,

Must look up Deadwood- is it a western? Its strange you saying you explain your tastes- my theorie is that its possible we just want to get as far away from modern life sometimes and these sorts of films/series fit the bill as far am I amd concerned. Am not so ineterested in 21st Century everyday kitchen sink dramas I want to watch something that transports me to another era for a while.

Are you getting good treatment a la Francais? Do you have family there OR maybe you are French?

Norma x

Yes you have hit that thar nail on the head. Deadwood did transport me back in time - and not in the wishy washy Hollywood treatment of settlers - this was so real - mud, blud, chamber pots 'n all.
Fantastic treatment at the Institut Curie. Was married to a Frenchman but spent most of married life in England. Left daughter here after an elen year stint (1982 - 1993) in France. Decided to come back 2006 to help her when she had a stroke. IMMEDIATELY was diagnosed with second bout of BC; Fate eh? managed to sell up in Berkshire, buy and move her DURING chaemo. Amazing;
Your turn …

What a trauma you had, poor you, but I detect the strong English spirit yes?

Love and best wishes

Norma x

Thx Norma.
I dunno re E spirit.
Yesterday unexpectedly woke with Churchillian Black Dog blues. Cannot shake it off.
Was doing so well.
A big glass of Burgundy migh t help - have been off alcohol all this week after those new findings.
Bisous ey calins

Hi S

How is you today, shaken off those blues? Hope so.

Good for you with the booze, however I didn’t read the findings so am still having the odd slurp.( Burying head in sand and all that)

Hi S

Meant to say watched the episode last night where Mark Anthony married Servillas daughter. Where does that man get his energy, he seems to be ready for action at the drop of his Toga!

Bonjour Norma,
Yes, those Romans - eat your heart out Mills and Boon. I have forgotten their names now but some of the women are SO BEAUTIFUL. My favourite chap is of course the big hunk friend of the soldier who quits the army to go into politics.
Am embarrassed to admit that the cause of the last two FOUL days seems to have been - er - constipation, plus painting walls in poorly ventilated room (and sleeping in there) plus not seeing my grandson for a few days plus the wine withdrawal.
Woke in spare bedroom this morning with migraine - ignored it and am just now taking a break from the decorating. Have passed the boring bit - slapping on paint and brushing in the dust and cobwebs and reached the interesting bit - creating a big mural - a trompe l’oeuil, which hopefully will trick folk into thinking room has acquired another window with splendid view.

He is also my favourite!

So sorry you had a bad couple of days, would suggest prunes for the problem but yuk, I’d just go for the Ducolax!

You sound like quite a creative person- painting a mural- wow, good for you. Are you by any chance an artist or is just a hobby?


Just going for my siesta. I eat prunes quite often, funnily enough - the no need to soak type in a sealed pack - 2 with my croissant and coffee.

I took the Art course at my Teachers Training College but “lost” the few paintings with which I was reasonably satisfied - during my ten or eleven Moves and have not picked up a palette for years. I always wanted to try a mural but feared the derision of my several husbands ( not all at the same time) but now the only male who frequents my bedroom is six year old Ewan and he shrieked “Wow! Nanna - c’est un merveille!” - and I had only done the sky. His father, peering round the door said “Qu’est ce que c’est que ça?”

Nice to feel my SOH coming back.

Yout ell me very little of yourself -perhaps you have posted it before on another Topic?

Gros bises

Hi Shirley

I’m quite boring really. Live in a market town in Hertfordshire. My second marriage is now 22years old and I’m very happy.
Have a full time job but have not worked since July. Am starting Rads in a week for 18 days and will probably return to work then. I really don’t know how I fill my day. I don’t drive, have no family here and all my friends are at work. So I just poodle about, walk into town now and then and feed 2 cats. Like I said pretty boring really. I do like reading and am an avid animal lover. Oh yes had Lumpectomy and 4 Lymph nodes removed, was very small Grade 1 and clear nodes, so am now on the dreaded Tamoxifen and apart from night sweats and weight gain ( yuk) am O.K. How about you?
Oh yes am a granny also, 2 grandsons in South Africa ( sadly).

Love the story about the sky ( made me laugh)

Ps. Dont know a lot of French but am getting the gist!

Take care

Norma x