Hi Ronnie,

Sorry I haven’t been on here for a while, I had some problems with my password so had to re-register. I just wondered how everything went with your Mum?

Thank you for your kind message when my Mum had her op. I’m pleased to say she is doing really well and being very brave through her recovery. They said that the mastectomy results showed there were more pre-cancerous cells but no more cancer which is great but good that she had the mastectomy to get rid of those other cells.

I really hope it was good news for you and your Mum.


hi michelle

glad to here your mum is doing well, sorry i lost touch was trying to stay away from these pages as they were making me feel quite down at times. i am pleased to say my mum is doing grand, thats all of her treatment finished now, just waiting on the appointment with the surgeon for her first review, not really sure what this involves though. hope you are well.
love jojo

Hi Michelle

I’ve been thinking about how you and your mum have been getting on - glad you posted on here again and glad your mum is doing well.

Mum was dx with BC nearly 2 weeks ago now and her op is scheduled for the 26th - she is opting for a lumpectomy but we wont know what grade it is until they have operated. She has been confused on having either mastectomy or lumpectomy. Still feel rubbish to be honest and scared stiff, too much waiting, lots of tears, feel pretty miserable and look at Mum who I have to say is being amazingly brave.

It’s hard isn’t it - we’re staying positive and praying it will all turn out ok

Thanks for remembering about me


Hi Ronnie,

I’m so sorry to hear your Mum has been diagnosed with BC, I was really hoping it was clear. Just for info (tell me if you would rather not know) but my Mum was given the option of having chemo before surgery to try to reduce the size of the tumour. It was 3cm, so obviously if your Mum’s is smaller they may not need to do this, she may not even need chemo, they might just do a lumpectomy and radiotherapy. After the chemo my Mum did try the lumpectomy first as the point of the chemo was to reduce the lump to enable her to get away with a lumpectomy.

As I’d written before, unfortunately there were more pre-cancerous cells so she had to go for the mastectomy, but sometimes thats not always the case. It must be really hard for your Mum to make a decision like that but at least by having the lumpectomy first she may get away with not having a mastectomy. I really hope it goes well and do come back to let me know how you get on.

How old are you by the way, if yuo don’t mind me asking? Sometimes nice to know people around the same age in a similar situation. I’m 26.

Anyway, i hope you are doing OK and best wishes to you both for the time of the operation.

Michelle. x