Round Two

Round Two

Round Two Absolutely new to this chatting online - last time I was given support over the phone by BCC plus a volunteer buddy. Now its so good to see everyone supporting each other. Initially had bc Jan 1996, age 38, lumpectomy followed by rads and 5yrs tamoxifen. Just had confirmed recurrence same breast 11 yrs on. CT scan is clear thank god, now waiting two weeks to have mastectomy, prob followed by chemo. Have had no literature yet, any help gratefully received, just waiting to get on with it.

amdamc what was CT scanned? If it wasn’t bones do yammer away at oncs for CT scan of bones or a bonescan. Then IF there’s anything there it can be arrested, before it goes further, with bisphosphonates as well as being dealt with by chemo [there are variables with this]. Chemo has progressed a lot since you last had it- which is comforting.
You’ve done really well to get 11 yrs without more trouble so you must be a splendid prospect for successful treatment.
Pat yourself on the back for being such a winner and have faith in your efficient body which has worked really well- I’m sure it will continue do so.
Look after yourself and keep remembering you’ve got good form!
Best wishes, dilly

Dilly. thanks so much for the best wishes. CT did include bones so they tell me. Feel I am a very lucky lady. Thanks again.

Hi Amdamc. I’m in a very similar situation to you. I was first diagnosed in 1995, was clear for 8 years, then had a recurrence in 2003. I’ve now got secondaries in lung and bones (sternum and ribs). I had chemo in 2003, which worked well and I was then clear for a while, but I’ve now started sprouting again after arimidex stopped working. I’ve just had another scan after changing to aromasin 3 months ago and I’ll see the onc next week to see what’s next.

However, I’m still here, still well, and there are still treatment options available to me.

Hang in there. It’s terrible waiting for things to happen - I think that’s the worst part - but we’re lucky in that there are so many treatments available now to keep us going. I think most of us on here found that the mastectomy wasn’t as bad as we feared, so try not to worry too much about that. The thought of it is the worst!

Keep in touch.

Hi Sillkie. Thanks for your support. Trying to get my head round this and hopefully getting there. Been told I can’t have reconstruction straight away, not that I’m bothered at this stage, probably will be later though. Any tips on the basics, someone said a shaped pillow is helpful in hospital?? Cheers.

Round two for me as well Hello

Like you I was 38 when I had my first bc, had lumpectomy and radiotherapy. That was 21 years ago and I had no problems during that time. I had a recurrence 14 months ago now and had to have a mastectomy but I was able to have immediate reconstruction, no rads, as it can’t be given twice in the same area. I had a bone scan, MRI scan along with ultra sound on my organs and X rays, so feel I have been pretty much checked out.

I didn’t have any nodes involved so was told I wouldn’t benefit from chemo, (wasn’t going to argue with that). I feel quite optimistic that I will beat it again and if I should have another 20 years that will make me 80, and no one lives forever.

If I had to go into hospital again I think I would take my own pillow, I found there’s covered in plastic and I woke every morning sweaty.

The best of luck.

Take care.


recurrence Hi there, sorry to hear you’ve had a recurrence after this length of time. But remember that they say the past is a good indicator of the future, so your BC is obviously not one of the fast spreading variety (let’s hope). I am glad your CT scan came back ok.
I too had recurrence after 6 years, same (reconstructed) breast and had to have mastectomy and total lymph clearance. Can’t have aanother reconstruction as ther eis not enough skin/muscle left. Mastectomy was a breeze this time, things have certainly changed since first dx. Took me a while to get used to mastectomy underear and prothesis, but again, they now do such lovely bras and very light weight prothesis, that you really would not know that I’ve lost a breast. I also bought loveley swimwear from Amoena and swim prothesis, and was fine on hols, so I shouldn’f worry too much. You might decide not to have a reconstruction in a few months time, as it would involve a further operation. I had to have chemo as lymph nodes were affected, but again you will know once all the path lab results are back.

Do take your own pillow if you can, much more comfortable then the hospital ones with plastic insets.

Good luck with the op and hope you will be up and about again in no time.



Thanks for the support Birgit and Jan. Its really good to chat to people who have been there. Feel like I’m just willing each day to pass and get this fight up and running. Thanks for the tips and advice, all greatly appreciated. Hospital said they would send literature, not arrived as yet, one week later, and have started looking through old forums on here. Some helpful, some seem in a different language! Thanks again.