Rowing after cancer?

Quite a lot of people mention getting active after treatment on this forum, so I thought some of you might be interested in this “Row to Health” initiative

Row to Health is a partnership between Twickenham Rowing Club and a group of members who would like to offer people recovering from cancer the opportunity to learn to row as a part of their physical recovery.

They’re running a free introductory workshop on 7 May at The Mulberry Centre, West Middlesex Hospital. For more information contact or call the centre 020 8321 6300.

For more information about the project generally, you can contact

Bumping up

Would love anything like this in Essex/East London/Kent…do you have a list of current activities I could look into please?
Thanks Maggie

Sounds like a super initiative.

Hi Maggie1964

I think this is the very start of this project, so it’s just in the one location at the moment. But if it’s successful I imagine they might look to expand it. They might also know about other similar projects. It’s not being run by Breast Cancer Care, so I don’t have any more information I’m afraid, but if you take a look at their website or drop them an email I’m sure they’d be able to help.