RRE: Lung mets?

My dear ladies,

on the 2cd of Octo, I started felling unwell. I thought I got flu a very bad cold. I went to my GP who diagnosed me with a chest infection and prescribed antibiotics, but I did not take them. The symptoms improved but, I’m still coughing and taking the antibiotics. I also feel quite dizzy sometimes and, obviously panicking thinking of the possibility of lung mets, specially because my GP, in a second visit, asked me about my latest follow up and told me that if the symptoms persist, she will refer me for and X-Ray. Do you think I should be worried?. Is this the way that lung mets appears?


Hi sorry to hear u have these worries I had chest pain so I went to see my gp and after he listened to my chest he sd I had a chest inf tbh I think it’s a standard thing now with gp but sent me for a x ray which showed up shadows but I am told where my mets are they would not cause and symptoms or a cough I suppose it all depends where the tumours are we are all diff hopefully yours are just a chest inf gd luck

Hi Laura64

Would you mind me asking how your symptoms started?


Hi I have lung mets but no symptoms x

Hi happynipple I didn’t really have any symptoms I had a cough also chest pain but both my onc and gp say it’s not related so other than nothing I felt fine I think it depends how early they catch it and where it is but try not to worry you cld be fine take the tablets then go back if y not happy don’t leave it I’m so glad I had a x ray tc Laura

Thanks girls for your comments,

I went, again, to my GP this morning and she ordered a x-ray for me. So, now is one week waiting for the results.