Rug pulled from under my feet

Went to see onc yesterday, for routine appointment and he hs found new lunp on right side of neck, the other side from all my previous lumps so never thought to look there. Also since secondary diagnosis last Oct with pleural and pericardial effusions it seems rather small fish. He made light of it, i think to stop me worrying. I am having CT on Monday and it all depends on that, hope chemo (vinelorabine) has not stopped working as it was all going so well. Only have 1 or 2 chemos left as triple neg.
One of my sons is getting married in Spain in 6 weeks,so have decided if have to have new chemo which will make me lose my hair again, won’t start it until after wedding.
Went out this morning and bought red patent high heels to wear at wedding to cheer myself up!
Forgive ramblings but on massive steroid dose as had chemo (tablets) this am.
Marmite x

Hi Marmite,
You carry on planning for the wedding in Spain. Us secondary women are understandably ruled by worry but don’t let it cheat you of looking forward to wearing your shiny new shoes on such a special day!
But I will still cross my fingers for you xxx

Really really sorry to hear this, Marmite - you must be feeling so disappointed and worried about your son’s wedding on top of everything else. I will continue to hope though that the CT scan will show that the vinelorabine is working on the other mets and this new lump is just a “rogue one”. As you say it all depends on the scan on Monday - hope you get the results really quickly.

The red heels sound great - have you chosen the rest of your outfit yet?

Sending you lots of love Kay x

Hi Marmite,
sorry to read about your new lump what a bummer. Will have everything crossed for your scan on Monday.
Don’t blame you with the decision to hold back on chemo change until after the wedding. Have you done capecitabine yet. Those new shoes sound fabulous.

Love Debsxxx

oh marmite,
what an inconsiderate lump! i hope that the scan goes ok on monday and that you get the results soon. Let’s just hope that it’s a rogue one.
The shoes sound fab, glad to see it’s not just me that shops when things don’t go my way.

Hi all’
Had scan yesterday. luckily knew the Dr who did it, so he must have phoned results through to oncologist who phoned me in afternoon. so shocked to get phone call so soon, forgot to ask all apropriate questions, but basically Ok no further spread visible, so carrying on with same chemo regime. Will see oncologist when I have bloods done next week, so can have proper chat then.
Thanks for all your support.
Marmite x

oh marmite that is good news ,its always a worry when we have to have further scans especially us secondary ladies and im glad its not spread further .hope we can all meet up again soon lynn xxx

Brilliant news, marmite - so pleased (and relieved) for you.

Kay xx

Hi Marmite,
So pleased to hear this news. It must be a relief for you.
I hope we can have another meetup soon.
Take care,
Anne x