running a 10k next week

Hi, hope this helps…

In September 2008 I was diagnosed with liver and bone mets. I was put on a regimen of taxotere chemo and pamidronate and was hospitalised twice with neutropenia. I lost my hair, my energy, and all my confidence and self esteem.

Following chemo I was put onto Bondronat and Arimidex, then had three lots of RFA treatment which has to-date left my liver NED. Going through the menopause at 31 (I’m now 33)meant that although my treatment worked extremely well, I was left feeling worthless, unattractive and lost. Most of all the pain of coming to terms with the fact that I would never be able to have children ate its way into my self esteem.

I was never into sports at school, not particularly fit and after chemo was nearly a stone overweight, but six months ago I was egged on by a friend to sign up to run the British 10k in London for Macmillan. I started slow but gradually over the weeks have been getting better and just today did 10k in 1 hour and 4 minutes. My confidence has returned, I’ve lost a stone and for the first time in three years feel like I can achieve things on a level playing field with people who don’t have secondary cancer. The race is next Sunday and I am going to do my best to try and cross the line in under 1 hour. Wish me luck!


Hi Candide,

Well done you! That is really good and I wish you luck in the run,I couldn’t walk that far let alone run it! Under an hour would be great!

I’ve got bone mets too and am really pleased to hear you are NED with liver!

Very good luck and best wishes,
Julie x

Good luck xx

Congratulations and good luck… I have liver mets too and am also 31 ( just recently diagnosed) and I am delighted to hear that u are NED in the liver. I hope some day I can just like u !

Yeay Heather!!! Well done you. An hour and four mins is a great time. With the crowd behind you I bet you shave off that extra 4 minutes and get under the hour. I’m so pleased you are enjoying the running, and that your liver id NED. The menopause at 31 sucks. I’m 36 and had lumpectomy, fec-t and rads last year and the menopausal side effects are yuk. Good luck with your run, write your name on your running top so everyone can shout to support you. Are you being sponsored for a charity?

Again, well done you


Hi Heather

I know i,m not supposed to swear, but what the hell! I think your bloody marvelous!!! Wishing you all the luck in the world, but some how i don’t think you’ll need it - you’ll see us all proud.

With love and hugs Maria x

Brilliant, Heather!!! Best of luck for the run. This shows that life can go on and we can still achieve things even after a cancer dx.

All the best, Sarah x

Hi Heather
You go girl what an achievement, you are an inspiration and should be so proud of yourself just for entering
The best of luck
Mandy x

Go Heather go! Well done, as it’s so hard, this getting and keeping fit business.
I too am trying to run, am up to 5k at the mo! You’re my example to follow…
Nikki x

You go, girl! Sounds like a really good time, too!

Well done Heather! Go for it girl - what an inspiration you are to us all

D xx

fab, well done hun. xxxx keep on running!!!

Wow, that’s so impressive on so many levels. I walked 5k in 50mins a couple of weeks ago and had to have a looong lie-down afterwards, I’d never even think about running twice that distance!

That’s so good to hear! Good luck with the run.

Hi Candide
I did the Jane Tomlinson 10k a couple of weeks back. I’d got the five year all clear in May and decided to raise funds for the Haven. managed it in 1hr 40mins. I walked. This time was 20minutes faster than my best practise time.
It was one of the best things I’ve ever done.
Good Luck. Don’t worry about the time just enjoy the occasion.

Hi all

Thanks for the encouraging words :slight_smile: I completed the run yesterday in 1 hour 6 minutes and am now signed up for 5k in September.


Congratulations - that must be a really good feeling - you have almost made me feel like taking up jogging again…