Running bra advice needed

Hello all, I had a lumpectomy on my right breast & a SNB about 5 weeks ago. I’m due to have 5 days radiotherapy in the next few weeks. Before surgery, I ran & jogged & generally kept fit. I want to gradually get back to running but am struggling to find a running bra that fits & is supportive enough ie a high impact bra. I’ve had to go up a band size (32d to 34d) as my previous running bras feel too tight. But the right cup is now a bit baggy so not supportive enough for running. I can’t go down a cup size as my left breast fills a d cup. What do other runners/joggers do? I’ve researched running bras & tried on several but none are great & I don’t know what to do. Thanks


Welcome to the forum , there are other runners on the forum hopefully someone will see your post and have some suggestions .

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Hello @olivepoppy
I too am a runner and I had a lumpectomy but fortunately for me the size and position hasn’t left me with too much of a differential!
I always wore Panache undewired bras to run but post BC and after managing to lose some weight I realised that neither of my breasts filled my old bras: I didn’t really notice an issue with bounce in these bras when running
I have however now decided to treat myself to some new ones and I have acquired a couple of Sweaty Betty ones the zero gravity holds everything in place & an ultra running (go up a band size in this one as the design relies on stitching the zero gravity is made of fewer pieces of fabric)
I know Royce do some sports bras and I believe nearly all their bras have pockets to insert prosthetics
Good luck getting back to your running, don’t push yourself too much too soon, be patient with yourself you will get there!
AM xxx

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Thanks @Jill1998

Thanks for your advice @adoptedmanc . I’ll have a look at Sweaty Betty. We all need treats! I was hoping I wouldn’t need a prosthetic but, after discussion I’m going to try a partial prosthetic. Tomorrow I’m going to walk Parkrun- my 1st time since surgery

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Your bra prosthesis lady at the hospital. I only just found out about this has a service where she takes my swimsuits and has a cotton cup made inside. Also after a lumpectomy you can get a knitted knocker or aqua knocker stitched to your size and colour request.