Safety of Milk Thistle

Hi All
I have been to a healer who has suggested I take 25 drops of milk thistle each night in water.
I am not hormone sensitive but am on herceptin (number 10). I know the Milk Thistle is for cleansing the liver and no doubt after chemo and radio my body is not in the best shape.
I wont be able to talk to breast nurse until Monday and should be starting this tomorrow, Any ideas out there?
I had 6 TAC and 30 radio finished in January this year.

Thanks in anticipation.
Hope you all well


Asked my onc about this a while ago - he said it was fine to take.

But did later read not a good thing if you have hormone sensative cancer. Who knows?!

Logic in me says detoxing is good to a point, but don’t want to detox the stuff out of us that is meant to be doing some good if you see what I mean.

I’m not her2 +ve so can’t comment from that angle I’m afraid, but thought I’d add my comments anyway.