Sail 4 Cancer

Sail 4 Cancer

Sail 4 Cancer Hi

Has anyone been to Portomyrina Palace. Lemnos. with Sail 4 Cancer!

If so what did you think of it only I have been given the chance to go this year. (Sept)

Any advice please.


sounds like fun! well never heard of this sorry but it sounds really exciting so will watch this thread! all l can say is go for it!!

Old threads Hi,

a few months ago there were alot of posts about this holiday so it may be worth you going through the old threads.

I went to Portomyrina through Sail4Cancer last June. I posted a lot about it in July last year so you should find it somewhere here. If you can’t then get back to me here or on the ‘other site’ where you can privately message me…
It was lovely but we went on its third week of opening so was only two thirds full!!
Congrats on getting a holdiay there then

the “other site” Kate is it possible to let me know the details of this one.?
Thanks F

I always use the following link but there is a shorter address which very stupidly of me I can’t remember but something like You can probably find this link somewhere on these pages if the other one doesn’t get you through - it gets you to the same place!!
I use the same user name and you can privately message people through the website so you don’t have to give your email address away if you don’t want to.

Hope to hear from you soon or anybody else