Sail 4 Cancer


Just wondering has anybody been on one of The Sail 4 Cancer Holidays?


Yes - there are quite afew people on site who have had holidays through Sail4cancer and I know that now there is a waiting list for them so if you want to go get your name down now.
We went to Lemnos last year - that was with 9 yr old twins and a 6 yr old. Lemnos had only been open by Nielson for 3 weeeks and so it wass only about two thirds full. It was wonderful - the children went everyday to the kids clubs and had a brill time learning how to sail etc. The best thing was seeing the 6 yr old waterskiing on the 50 meter swimming pool.
It is an all inclusive holiday apart from 2 nights in the weeek. The food was brilliant - mainly buffet style but the chefs were coooking it all freshly.
The only thing I would say is that the resorts they use are very isolated and so it is difficult to find anything to do off site but then I was just happy laying on the sunbeds and pootling up the pool. The other thing is all the other guests are really fit and so I felt very fat and lazy!!! Cos the main clients who use neilson holidays are fitness fanatics so they are very active, fit people and they don’t drink that much alcohol but we did of course!!
This Bank Holiday, we went on a sail4cancer day out at a watersports centre in Redhill. It was brilliant as we could take another family with us so we took my sister, hubby and 2 children. None of us are sporty or water type but it was an absolutely brilliant day out with free picnic and free soft drinks/tea all day. There was only one other family there so we had lots of attention. I’m quite poorly now so sat in the rescue boat so I could be close to the action. They tried dinghy sailing, kayaking and windsurfing and cos it was a lake it wasn’t as scary as the sea and they all managed everything even my 7 yr old. My sister and her hubby siad it was one of the best days out they had had and we spent the day in laughter mainly. It was great fun and well recomended. the other option they do is to take you and acouple of others on a chartered yacht for the dfay but the children have to be over 10.
Try any of the options - they are a remarkable charity.