Sally Webster, Coronation Street and breast cancer this Xmas

Hi all,
I watched corrie too and thought it was quite well done so far anyway, still a long way to go.
I thought it showed how people respond to this news and that Sally portrayed her feeling very well and was quite sensitive.
I also thought what Molly said was quite accurate where some people are concerend, a lot of people are ignorant and think bc is a walk in the park and curable, iv’e met a few molly’s in my time i can tell you and i have been dealing with this for 18yrs now, they still get me shaking my head in disbelief.
My m’i’l was saying well kevin can’t leave her now and i was explaining that michael le vell who plays kevin threatened to quit the show if he was forced to leave sally after her bc news and she said well he would never leave her now ( she thinks it is real) but i was saying it won’t be the first or the last man that walks out on a wife or partner after recieving such news, that it definately happens in real life.
I must say though i’m glad m. levell put his foot down.
No1 Mummy there will be a long queu of women wanting to be auntie pams friend i would definately be one of them (if only it was that easy eh!)
Take Care and enjoy the holidays
lots of love reneexx

Hello all,

I watched it and enjoyed it and found it quite moving. However, I think it extremely unlikely that anywhere in this country could you find a lump and be diagnosed in just over a week which is what she said, unless of course you go private. I found my lump last October and got my full diagnosis just after Christmas although i had been told at the end of November that it was Cancer. We shall see how quickly they handle the next stage.

I’ve met a few ‘Mollys’ too, but they mean well and most of the time are trying to reassure you/themselves that you have nothing to worry about.

All the best for the festive season.


I was told within 48 hours that I had a grade 3 cancer. We have a one stop breast clinic in Durham where they do a biopsy, mammogram, ultrasound and cone biopsy all in three hours. You are told before the appointment to allow half a day in order for all the tests to be done. The only result I had to wait for was the cone biopsy which took 48 hours. So I knew I had cancer more or less straight away. Obviously I didnt know specific details until after the mastectomy. Vicky x

argh -the Pam’s friend bit got to me too -it’s what a lot of people think though- active treatment over and voila -put it behind you… I too thought it was quite moving and well portrayed (Sally) . I had my biopsy and diagnosis within 3 days -NHS breast clinic.

I have to agree with chipper about timescale and this was always my worry.
We all know women who have had to wait weeks for appointments and results.
I have had breast cancer twice and both times it was fairly quick getting results of my biopsies, but this time getting treatment has been frustrating. It will be interesting to see if like me sally has to wait a month for surgery then another 8 weeks before chemo. I had my mammogram in July and wont finish treatment till march-8 months, lets see if sallys is over in 3 months too!

I thought this was very well done as well, sally’s portrayal was very realistic, as it brought back the memories from my diagnosis in July where i just could not say the words either, makes it seems real when you have to say it out loud to other people - like a nasty secret that once its out has to be real somehow.

I think its good to show Molly’s reaction too, as we all must of known someone who knows someone who had BC and is now really well and recovered and are still alive after 5, 10 , 15 years etc - I think its just what people want to say to make you feel some hope - personally it just p’s me off! But there are those misconceptions they need to shoe too to highlight what not what to say! I really just want the next person I tell to say ’ hey, that’s really shit! ’ cos it really is!

Anyway its a good start I think lets hope it is not a quick story line with correct timings etc so that we all feel as though it is being genuinely portrayed.

Dena xx

didnt watch it yesterday as thought it would be too sad on christmas day watched strictly instead but just gone on i-player and its not there yet, it had better be on there soon otherwise i will be complaining!!
Hope you have all had a good Christmas! love debs xxx

I didnt watch corrie yesterday but will proberly watch it on replay later.I too went to a One Stop Clinic i had a 4 hour appointment and had mammos, ultrasound. FNAs and Core biopsys and was given my results same day (IDC Grade 3) i also had surgery 5 days later , so i suspect it can be quick for some people though i know its not the same everywhere.
Hope everyone had a good christmas.
Linda x

My sister had her results core-biopsy the lump removed the lot, all done and dusted in a couple of weeks, luckily her lump turned out to be benign, her treatment was done in a one-stop-clinic too.
On the other hand i hsave had to wait wks to get everything done although i have had bc dx 4 times now and have to have every test going before they decide what to do, usually 6 wks before anything is done to remove the tumours and get whatever treatment they have decided on.
I have just been dx 4th dec, have had tests but still to get ct-scan on the 5th jan, then to see surgeon for results and op date.
merry xmas everyone


As I said earlier, my diagnosis seemed to go on for ages and ages, It appeared like the hospital only did anything on a wednesday. However, i am pleased and pleasantly surprised this is not the case everywhere.

I will be following Sally’s story with interest.


my timescale was very quick(scarily so sometimes)dx 25th nov op 6 days later on 1st dec follow up 9th dec with app for oncologist. mark up for rads 31 st. (salford royal manchester)

I was well impressed with the NHS - after my diagnosis from the One Stop Breast Clinic on 27 Mar this year, I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon on 31 Mar and my double mx with immediate reconstruction took place on 7 April. In the meantime I underwent the fit for surgery tests. Chemo was 5 weeks to the day after surgery.

I watched it yesterday and i like many of you agree that my overall impression was that it was quite good…agree that sally’s reaction was good in that most of us when diagnosed think more about other peoples reaction and how they will feel that what you are personally feeling…‘Pam’s friend’ def needs to be addressed but then so many people do say things like that we do not know someone directly affected…i am very interested to see timescales etc and treatment plans, and yes i think there should be a contact number at the end of the programme…


I’m not sure I will be following this story. I wasn’t going to watch it, but I decided to catch the repeat on ITV2 before going to bed last night. Sadly, I didn’t sleep very well as it brought back how ill I felt at Christmas 2006 when I had just had my 3rd chemo cycle a week before - I just remember not being able to get out of my pyjamas and sitting at the dinner table with my husband saying we would find a way of getting through all this. It was also at that point when I started having problems with my sister. She rang me last night and sounded really pathetic as she lives in a Middle Eastern country so no Christmas and it is a work day for her, you would think that she had been forced to go there against her will. All I ever get is me,me,me with her.

We should have been off to a friend’s today for dinner, but I went back to bed for an afternoon nap as I felt quite blue. I heard my other half talking to his friend on the phone and he was saying “she’s quite down today, I don’t think she should have watched Coronation St last night”. Thing is, I’ve really moved forward this last 12 months and I’m scared of getting sucked back to where I was, so perhaps it would be better if I gave Corrie a miss for a while.

I too watched the catch up program and thought it was handled very well.
Went to pub last night and came home quite tearful about it.
It was the part she didn’t want to tell the kids got to me.
It was the worst part of all this crap for me, having to tell mine.
I thought I had handled it ok till the booze kicked in.
I will probably watch again though.
But I do totally understand how you feel Cherub.
I am just Glutton for punishment me thinks LOL xxx

vickyk - Like you I had a diagnosis within 48 hours at Darlington Hospital (Co. Durham) and the only delay was waiting for an appointment for an MRI scan as only 2 machines in this area and also I was going on holiday. I too feel that the NHS is doing a fine job in our area, all staff have been so helpful and cheerful. 3rd chemo on 30th and that is halfway. Sally was very brave to go for results without support of Kevin as I know my hubby, although devastated by the result has been a tower of strength. Look forward to following development of storyline.
Marli x

I watched Corrie and it really upset me ,I just sat there crying .I wish that I could say that I have an OH like Kevin but I havent he tries his best but he just doesnt “do” cancer I am unsure whether I will be watching the rest of the episodes… and would she really get to see the consultant to discuss her treatment on a Bank Holiday Monday I think not ! my Dx took about four weeks !and mastectomy was four weeks later !
But I suppose time has to move faster in soapland !

I cried too didnt think i would but found it very emotional. Thought it was handled well considering its a soap. Will await with abaited breath to see how it progresses.

My husband isn’t the best when it comes to cancer either, although i suppose he does his best considering he is a man after all, he does do a lot of my housework and now knows how to work the washing machine, i keep telling him although he doesn’t know how to handle the finances he will need to wait till i’m dead first before he gets his hands on it( a little morbid humour ha ha).
He does come with me for results now if i have had scans but for the first 16yrs i handled it all myself, i suppose i was in denial there would be anything wrong, not like that now that i have had 3 dx in past 2yrs.
I’m too nosy not to watch Corrie so i will keep watching to see how they handle it.

hi all happy new yr hope it a gd one to us all i just wanted to say i watched last night and was it just me that noticed but not only did they get post on a bank holiday but sally went to see her bc nurse as well still i surposse they cant get it all right or we have nothing to moan about tc all laura xx