salpingo oopherectomy advice needed please

salpingo oopherectomy advice needed please

salpingo oopherectomy advice needed please I am due to go into hospital on wednesday, for a preventative salpingo oopherectomy, and am getting quite nervous, have had preventative mastectomy, and reconstruction, but feel more worried about having this done, any advice anyone. How long are you not able to do things for especially driving, and do you then go straight onto hrt, how do you feel after, does it hurt??
any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Sandra
I had this done about 3 years ago. The surgeon told me it would take about 3 weeks to recover - but for me to to be fully up and running again was probably about 6. I have a fairly active lifestyle and that’s how long it took for me to be comfortable doing my normal activities again. But I still had twinges if I turned or twisted awkwardly for some months after.

Driving wise - I guess it was after a couple of weeks. I had the op by key hole surgery but one of of wounds got infected and I was in a lot of pain until this was healed - at about 2 week mark.

With regard to HRT - i started on this again at around the 2 week mark when I went back to see surgeon for last time. He put me on a combined estrogen & progesterone patch and then put this side of things into my GP’s hands. This did not however work out very well and we found it difficult to find the right combination for me. In the end - my genetics team referred me to a Gyn who specialises in menopause and has has now got me sorted.

I do highly recommend HRT - you will immediately be plunged into deepest menopause within a few days of your surgery. It is not pleasant! I was worried about increased risks of BC assoc with HRT
but I have been reassured by everone I have asked - that as long as I do not take it past the age of natural menopause (50) there is little increased risk,

Feel free to ask anything else you can think of. Good luck for Wednesday.

Hi Sandra Try not to worry too much, although I know that’s easier said than done. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy and salpingo oopherecomys last November as a preventative measure. I have to say it was far easier than my mastectomys and reconstruction. I felt that I could drive ok about 2 weeks post operatively and was really back to normal very quickly.
You don’t say if you are having a hysterectomy done too… so maybe you are having this op done by keyhole surgery… if thats the case then I would say that you will be on the mend quite quickly. I think the worst part about any of this type of surgery is wind pains… and peppermint tea is very good for relieving that.
I have been very lucky in that I have had a couple of hot sweats since my oopherectomy but thats about it and that hasn’t been that often. My specialist advised me not to go onto HRT but to go with it and see how I went.
Good luck for Wednesday I know that you’ll be fine .
Lynne x

Just thought of something else - Lynne’s comment about wind reminded me! If you are having the key hole op - be prepared for an enema the night before your op. They need to be sure your bowel is clear in case it gets nicked by any of the instruments.

Best to just have easily digested foods foods the day before to make things easier for yourself.

Sorry to bring things down to basics - but better to be forewarned…

Good Luck again - will be thinking of you

Don’t be nervous Hi Sandra,
I had a hysterectony with bilateral sal ooph in 2002 following some worrying results from the screening.
I had the surgery by abdominal incision so it was a much bigger op than yours but i recovered very quickly.
The first three weeks were pretty rough - you really are as weak as a kitten and not even able to lift a kettle for a brew - but my strength came back very quickly. I could have returned to work after three months but i stayed off for five - because i could - and because i really enjoyed not working!
I was put on Oestrogen only HRT immediately, never had any menopause symptoms and have felt marvellous ever since. My hair is glossy & grows really quickly, my nails are stronger and healthier and my skin is much better ( I have always suffered from acne and that has cleared up completely). I also had very heavy painful periods so obviously they had gone too - bliss!!
I wouldn’t worry at all about HRT. You have already had a mastectomy so the increased risk of breast cancer due to HRT is not an issue for you.
Just slap on those patches and enjoy the new you!!

Thanks Ladies Thank you all for your advice, just being a bit of a wossy at the moment, yes I am having keyhole surgery, its just the thought of the after effects that is worrying me, but then I think I am one of the lucky ones, who have been able to have preventative surgery, next will be the genes test.
Better go and pack me nightie now, will let you all know how it went.