I am rather tipsy. Can’t take my drink anymore. Don’t drink very often and when do just have a glass or 2 of wine. Tonight I have got quite drunk. Had a good night dancing. Teaching OH salsa moves learnt this week at my new night class. He has 2 left feet and pretty useless, but at least we were enjoying ourselves TOGETHER. But then I realised, why do we only get on when I am drunk? I think it is because it’s the only time I relax. I am so up tight. Wont let things lay. Want answers, can’t abide being fobbed off.

Still, on a positive point, salsa is soooo gooood!!!

The rythyms, and exercise. Can’t wait till tue and my next class!

Night night


Hi Irene,

Salsa sounds fun.

Maybe time to get OH booked onto course too.

Best wishes,