Same lump getting checked again

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I found a lump on one of my breasts two years ago that was more of a thickening rather than a hard lump. I went to the doctors who referred me to the breast clinic. The consultant could feel the thickening and sent me for an ultrasound which was fine. I was asked to return two weeks later for a follow up. The outcome was good and I was fine. However at my annual bupa health check a few weeks ago the doctor pointed out that she could feel something, I explained to her that I have had this for a while. But she still wants to me to get it checked out at the breast clinic (the only new thing is a small bit of my breast feels like it is sunburnt when I shower). She has a referal letter ready to be sent but as I will need to pay for this through Bupa i have decided to go to my local doctors to explain what she found. I am just wondering if this is really necessary. Do i need to get the same part of the breast checked out when its alreayd been scanned? My mother past away from breast cancer that was missed at routine check and I feel they are being over causious? I know we should always get lumps checked but do i need to get the same lump checked again?

Hi Lilac Lee

You’ve got nothing to lose by getting it checked again.
It probably is ok, like you say… So do it just to put your mind at rest.

S x

Yes I think you should get it checked as it could change and a lot can happen in two years. I don´t want to worry you unnecessarily as it may well be nothing but there are cancers that lurk or develop slowly and are not necessarily picked up by ultra sound. After my experience I would get anything checked especially with such a time gap of more than a year

I had the same situation 2 years ago, all the tests done and all clear given.still felt the thickening butassumed all ok.
I had a routine mammogram in nov 2011 and was recalled for further tests, had a biopsy and was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer 20 th dec.
I had a mastectomy in january and have had 6 cycles of chemo, radiotherapy stars next week.

Iwoulddefinitely get his checked out

Hi, I dont want to worry you either but would definately get it checked again, I had a similar experience, had a lump checked in July 2010, mammogram and scan but no biopsy, was told it was fine, exactly a year later had it checked again as I noticed it had got bigger, also had the biopsy this time, it wasnt such good news this time, but it was early stages, its not worth leaving it, hopefully its nothing but definitely get it looked at. Good luck Jay