Same Old Story - Fatigue

Same Old Story - Fatigue

Same Old Story - Fatigue I’ve posted on this before, yawn, but I feel there is nowhere else I can go for an understanding of what it feels like.

I am now 1 year and 3 months post treatment (lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy) and am still experiencing this awful fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion, call it what you will! I yearn for my bed and drag myself out of it in the a.m. Today I felt so rotten at work I had to come home at 11 a.m - was just gazing blankly at the screen and could not focus at all.

I’ve had blood tests and they were OK for red blood cells, I am on Effexor for flushes and depression, and also started Megace which is helping the flushes marvellously so at least something is going right! I can’t decide if I am depressed over the fatigue or have fatigue from depression! I just want to hibernate and not see anyone apart from hubby and the cat, and I find holding a conversation exhausting. Am lucky to have understanding boss and work in a small office.

What a litany of moans, but does anyone else, please, feel like this? Why aren’t I like those women who walk the Walk for Life and go up Kilimanjaro for charity so soon after treatment? How do they do it? I am dreading Xmas with the round of visits and having to make conversation. Think I’ll become a hermit!

Can I get some sort of reassurance from anybody? Please tell me I’m not a freak!

Fatigue Take care Sue,
love, Liz.

Hi Sue Don’t know what is wrong with the software on this site, but I have spent the last hour trying to send you a post, and they just disappear. I will try tomorrow.

Sue Bee, i am so sorry you are feeling so debilitated. I can imagine the feeling you have as I was beyond anything on Ac Chemo and it was all down to low white blood cells. I notice that you say your red blood count is OK but have you checked your white blood count. As far as I my experience goes and Im one month post Chemo and still very tired my White blood count was the major factor in how much energy I had/have. I think its still low but I`m assured it will rise naturally. Now obviously you are a a lot further time wise down the track. I have suffered from tiredness in the past and I know that it was definitely tiredness causing depression and not the other way round.

Do not worry that you are unable to do that charity walk around London in your bra top. Feel lucky that youre too tired to do it and as for Mt Kilimanjaro....well had you thought of climbing it before you had breast cancer.? I know exactly what you mean though. Its like some women are perfectly able to work through their Chemo and some women are absolutely on top of the world when theyre pregnant. But were all different and I have always fallen into the exhausted category. You are not alone.

I havent got any other practical advice except I do remember that I have had a couple of low grade urinary tract infections without any of the usual symptoms except I have felt very tired so it may be worthwhile having that checked. Oh yes the radiotherapy may be the cause which is one reason why Im so dreading it. I have been advised that the tiredness can go on for several months. Lots of luck for a bit more energy
love F

Thank you for those encouraging words Frances. I am trying to summon up the energy to go to work now! It’s very tempting to go to the docs and ask to be signed off again.

Good luck with the radiotherapy. I found it a doddle compared to chemo, the worst bit is the travel and waiting around. Take reading matter and puzzle books/knitting, plus water and choc!

Your not alone! Oh my god you have just described me and I thought I was the only person to feel this way.

I finished my chemo in November 05 and for a short while I had amazing amounts of energy but now its gone and I spend my days struggling through tired and breathless and feeling sick, I never felt this bad whilst having the treatment so why do I feel like this now?

I am a single Mum so have no one to call upon when I need to go to bed at 6pm, my family are bored of it and I never see them now, my friends dont want to know either as Im not fun enough anymore.

Im sorry I ever had the treatment if this is how my life is going to be, Im too tired to fight now, I surrender.

Sorry for moaning everyone but I have no one to tell and I do know I am lucky to be alive I just need to figure out how to feel better just so I can cook tea for the kids or take them for a walk.

Hugs x and hope u can feel better soon too x

So sorry you are feeling like that Neenie and with kids and no husband for support. I do admire your strength but then what choice do you have?!

Can you motivate the kids to cook tea for you and themselves? And also help with the housework? You deserve some consideration.

Also a visit to your GP might be in order to have a blood test and check your blood cells are OK. You could be anaemic.

I was just like you, had bags of energy just after treatment (last summer) and felt on top of the world. Then come the autumn it all drained away and I felt exhausted.

I try to exercise when I can (gym membership is being wasted at the mo) and we try and walk, even if it’s a circuit of Milton Keynes shopping mall! My boss is understanding and let’s me go home early if I need to.

Sorry too that your partner walked out (I looked at your profile) but you are so pretty another one will be along soon (if you are not too tired to go out with him!

Chin up and we can only hope this fatigue will eventually lessen. Mine is less desperate than it was and I also recover quicker so take heart from that!
Love, Sue

Thanks ! Gosh Sue you were lookin for support and end up supporting me but thanks so much, its nice to have someone to tell. I have made an appointment with my Onc for next Wednesday as advised by my Lymphadema nurse due to pain in my arm and (what do i call it when its not a breast anymore LOL) oh ye mastectomy site! I have also got a hard swelling in my arm so my Onc is going to get the lot thrown his way on Wednesday…Poor Guy!!

Hugs and Lots of Love

Neenie x

Good luck for Wednesday Neenie. Hope the hard swelling is nowt horrible! Pls report back in due course. Don’t let them fob you off either - throw what you like at him, that’s what he’s paid for!!

It’s a lovely day here and I am wondering if I have the energy for walk. Maybe not