Can anyone answer my question when you have reconstruction they make it the same size as your other breast yea what happens when you maintain weight your own bust will go bigger what happens then do you have to make do with one bigger than the other


I had immediate LD flap recon, the recon is a size smaller than the other side. I have been told that if my weight increases the breast will get bigger, the reconstruction won’t as it is muscle. I am having some revision done to make the recon a bit fuller. Hope this helps. X

Hi Elaine,

Not sure about your first question. I had an LD flap this year, I was only a AA on my good side, so I had implants in both sides, and I am very well matched. My understanding is that you can only get recons in more average sizes, if your other side is very large or very small you can be offered an implant or a reduction so both sides match. I have a couple of friends who have been told that they would need a reduction on their good side if they went ahead with a recon, as the recon could not be made large enough to match.

As for the weight issue - if you have an implant based recon, then if you put on weight your good side would grow but not the recon. If you have a non-implant based recon (eg fat from your tummy) then the recon should go up and down with your weight.

Thankyou roadrunner i get it now

My ld flap is without implant, just muscle based. x

Not sure which one ill be havin hav 2 wait till april to see my surgen cud only hav one breast off due to just cumin of chemo then have to request the other one hopefully i should be bust free soon