SBCAD 2013 - Please use this space to share what it means to you to live with a diagnoses of Secondary/Metastatic Breast Cancer

This thread will be open between 10am and 4pm Sunday 13 October - Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day…

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Good morning all

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Hope to talk to some of you during the day.

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Hello. :smileyhappy: If anyone is reading this, whether you are newly diagnosed stage 4 or perhaps you read and never post and are stage 4, I hope you might register here and share your experience of living, good or bad, with your diagnosis.


Until 4 weeks ago living with extensive bone mets was ok. Minimal pain, monthly trips to hospital for hormone & bone injections plus the regular CT scans. I was also happily working part time too doing a job a love. Then that all changed when symptoms prompted a head CT - the results a brain tumour with the meningeal layer also showing cancer cells. Before we had time to take this all there was an emergency admission for neutropenia sepsis. Intensive care followed by 10 days in isolation were not fun! I’d gone from being an independent 49 year old to feeling totally undignified. I am now at home very slowly regaining my strength in preparation for whole head radiotherapy.

I wanted to post on this thread as it has taken me totally surprise how quickly your circumstances can change with SBC.
Yesterday my lovely husband took me out & pushed me round in a wheelchair to do some shopping. No more popping to the shops to meet girlfriends for a coffee & a mooch.
I have to surrender my driving licence & transfer my car to my husband. A lovely red mini so handy for London & bought when I was undergoing treatment for primary cancer in 2008.
I’m an only child & my girlfriends have been amazing. Visiting , helping out & just keeping in touch with little messages.

The end is closer than it was before! I hope to make 50 next February & to celebrate everything I have achieved. I’ve travelled & seen so much of the world including NZ in March this year. I’ve had 2 brilliant husbands, the second came with 2 great step children. I have very close friends. Plus I don’t have any regrets!!