Scalp care

I have just finished my 6 fec sessions. I used the cold cap and have managed to keep some of my hair. My hairdresser has said that I have a very dry scalp and suggested I use olive oil to feed the skin. I have bought an oil today. Fantasia Olive Hair Polisher Oil and am just wondering if anyone has used this product or has any advice on what to use. She likened my scalp to that of a babys with cradle cap.

Many thanks.

Hi ,i lost all my hair but had an area of my head that had likeness to cradle cap.My doctor prescribed betnovate and it did the job .Good luck xx

Thanks Lisha, will speak to doc.

I massaged in almond oil and left it on for couple of hours before using E45 medicated shampoo as recommended by a trichologist. A couple of applications and it did the trick. Hope that you don’t have a nut allergy though!