scan - advice please ...

I am having an abdominal/pelvic/chest ct scan on friday and i was wondering if the ct of the chest would show up any new breast cancers that may or may not have begun to develop as i know it is primarily looking at the lungs.

Also i know alot of you have had scans and i was also wondering about the omnipaque solution that i have to take the night before and an hour before the scan - does it have any side effects?

My scan says ’ with contrast ’ ie the omnipaue the contrast or do i have to have something else injected into the veins when i get there.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mel x

Hi Mel,

I had the same CT scan and I had something injected via a cannulla during the actual scan itself. It’s very peculiar - you can feel warmth spreading quickly down your body and it finally concentrates in the pelvic region. The technician doing it warned me that I’d feel as though I was wetting myself and she was absolutely right!!

It disperses within a few seconds but is very strange while it lasts.

I don’t remember there being any side effects but I’m sure they’ll warn you if there’s a possibility of any.

I’m not sure how much of anything in the breasts they’d see. Maybe you could give your BCN or the BCC help line a call and see if they know?

Jane xxx

I had to drink some gloopy stuff in the hour I was waiting. So many mls at regular time slots. That scan involved the ‘think you’ve wet yourself’ stuff into the veins.
All quite painless, and no after effects.