Scan. Bone and CT.(2 Questions)

Hi, Can anybody tell me apart from finding BC spread on a bone scan…does a full body nuclear bone scan show up anything else? ie; Ostoperosis/bone density? Also with CT scan…if nodules were found on lungs does this deffo mean BC spread? Thanks x

Hi there,

As far as I am aware a nuclear bone scan does not show osteoporosis. I had one following diagnosis, which was clear, and no mention was made of osteoporosis.

When I started Arimidex, I was given another sort of bone scan - a DEXA scan, which IS given to check bone density, and I was told I have severe osteoporosis in spine and hips.

I don’t know about the nodules found on the CT scan, although I suspect that scans can show up all sorts of scars, spots and blemishes, which don’t necessarily turn out to be anything sinister.

Good luck!