Scan Day

I have my scan at 9:30 today. Its been the most stressful wait, but this site has really helped me. I just want to get today over and done with. I don’t think the hospital is a one stop clinic, so i very much doubt i will get my results. Hopefully they will give me an indication to what is going on. In my gut, i still don’t feel it’s good, but am praying that my gut instinct is wrong for once.

Hi Helen,


I’m so sorry to hear you are in the ‘waiting room’ . You are right about the waiting being stressful, in fact it is probably one of the most stressful times you will have. 


When I had my appointment last October, I had to wait one week for my results. Having said that, I already knew I had BC when the doctor was doing my biopsy. If they think that what they are looking at could be cancer, they will use very tactful words, but it will give you an idea of what they are thinking. Of course, if it isn’t (and I hope it isn’t) they will probably tell you straight away so you can relax, have a coffee, then go home feeling relieved - but probably shedding a few joyful  tears.


Sending hugs and hoping for a good result.


poemsgalore xx

Hi Poemsgalore,

Thank you for the messsge. The scan and mamagram went well, have some small changes to breast tissue since my last ultra sound but no changes to my existing breast lumps. So consultant happy with that. She has taken more cultures of the breast fluid and are checking the fluid for further infection and pre cancerous cells. I get them results in 2 weeks time.

Am more re assured, however i have been in this position before, i was told i didnt have cancer, then was told i did infact have thyroid cancer xx