Scan for lung problems?

Hi all
Just wondered if someone can help about what type of scan I might be having, is it a nuclear scan? Like an MRI? CT?

Just wondering because I haven’t had one of these before and I’ve also been asked to have a creatinine test beforehand as well (which I think is for liver rather than lungs?).

Ordinary chest xray was ok, but they haven’t found a reason why I’ve had months of coughing.

Using internet at the moment from a friends house as our internet is down, I feel lost without it.



Hi Peacock

I have bone mets rather than lungs or liver, but I would imagine that you’ll be having a CT scan as that seems to pick up organ abnormalities more than an MRI which I think is used more for bone problems. I’ve had both but I seem to remember the MRI was to determine where the lesions on my spine were and the CT was to check for other possible problems.

All the best with it anyway and hope and pray the results are negative

Lesley x

hi Peacock. I have a CT scan with contrast-a dye injected intraveneously, for my lung mets, as this gives the most useful pictures. Hope your scan is clear.

Yes I think it might be a CT, as I have to get a prescription for the injection.

I am so worried about lung mets, as I’ve been coughing for months, and my tumour markers have risen since the last time, although still within the normal range it concerns me as to why they’ve gone up.

thanks for your help ladies.

I’m very pleased to say that the scan didn’t show anything nasty although it may be that the coughing and breathlessness is down to a fractured rib (no. 6). I’m still coughing at times and when I do it is so painful in my side.

I can handle a broken rib if that is all it is - it’s very sore and painful but, I’m considering myself very lucky.

That is great news…:smiley: {{{hugs}}} hope your rib starts to heal soon…

Theresa x

Brilliant news.

Peacock - my oncologist told me at the start of my rads that the radiation would cause a little bit of damage to the lung, and may cause me to have a dry cough, he also said that radiation to the breast makes the ribs underneath brittle and there is more risk of breaks and fractures. I had 31 rads sessions and in the morning do have a dry cough, ( have never smoked) but it isn’t persistent all day.

rhian xx

Thank you ladies, and Rhian what you say may well be the problem. My OH thinks I’ve developed an allergy to one of our cats, so shouldn’t have him on the bed with us at night - all through chemo my cats gave me comfort and affection and its just a lovely sound to hear them purring.

Anyway, I’ll stop the cat from coming onto the bed to see if that helps. I don’t know if a fractured/brittle rib would cause a cough, but I’ve mastered it down to a fine art to hold onto my side when I need to cough.

Does anyone know if this will be a problem on a short flight? I’m visiting the UK this week and wondered if cabin pressure might cause a problem?

Fab news that you are ok buddy
Lily x