scan i felt paranoid

Had my scan today I felt totally paranoid like they knew something. It was like they were looking at me different after it was finished. I know I’m probably being stupid cause they wouldn’t have time to look at scans but it felt strange ! does anyone else feel paranoid when they go ? X x 

Hi Hun, yes me had MRI today. Couldn’t help feel they where discussing me.

just need to known now, so that I can put things into place, with or with ought treatment.


Please keep in touch, it’s good to have support x

That’s exactly how I felt it was awful they were really chatty at first then hardly said a word when I finished it felt so strange. Good luck with your scan x x 

I totally sympathise. First few times I went for scans I wore ear plugs so I couldn’t hear the radiographers talking. Also every time I have a bone scan I have to get them to turn the screen away so I can’t see it. Hope your scans go well. x

Thanks waffles it’s awful I don’t  know if its just because your anxious when you go you pick up on there vibes. It was my first half way scan so I was stressed x x x

I had CT body scan and MRI brain scan 22nd December and resuls were mixed. Some mets were stable others had reduced but slight progression in Livet Mets. So on Tuesday I have to go for an MRI Liver scan. I have been on Capecitabine for 16months with good results but now Onc may put me on Gemcitabine but needs to see scan results first. There is always something with this bloody awful disease but hey ho I will pick myself up yet again and fight the good fight!!!


Hugs to all



Hi everyone
Think we all feel paranoid at scan time.then I always think the machine peering into my body
Which it obviously does.yes I try to read their expressions and gauge their chat.they don’t give anything away.i wish we could have scans day before oncologist to get results.not all the waiting. Any way good luck to all going or waiting for scans…,:heart:

Must also add iv felt like this every time
Even when I have had good results.its all to do with our minds working overtime.x

Thanks scratch that’s exactly what I was doing . I know they had a rough morning were running late one had a bad child who needed a babysitter the other one had been up all night with baby so they probs had other things on their minds than my scan lol x x