Scan, Mammogram and Biopsy next week....

Hi, I am new to this and I am wondering if any of you have had a similar experience to mine?
I first went to the GP approx 2 years ago with a sore left breast, much more tender than the right, he examined me and said it was fine, about a year ago i went to the GP again as my breast still felt sore and had a dragging feeling in it, i could not feel a lump and neither could the doctor, I had been having different kinds of things done at the gynocologist for several years as I had the first stage changes in my cervix so the GP said this would effect my breasts and make them sore as my hormones were all over the place.
Before Xmas I went to the doctor for the 3rd time and said I would like a 2nd opinion as I had a nagging in my head about leaving this, he examined me, could find no lump but said he would refer me, I went to the hospital yesterday and they consultant I saw was actually a breast surgeon, he examined me and found a lump, he tried to put my mind at rest by saying it could be fibroids but he has me going back next week for a biopsy, scan and mammogram.
I am worried because if it is anything bad it has been going on for 2 years and also the poster in the consultants room read “if you suspect cancer dont forget the 2 week rule” basically reminding the consultants to have the checks done within 2 weeks which he has done with me.
My breast is not what I would call very painful, it is very tender and sore.
Does anyone have a similar story to mine?
Apparantly I will have to wait a further 2 weeks after next weeks checks, I am sure I am going to be a nervous wreck!
I do have fibroids in the womb, a rather large one which is 8cm which I have only found out about in the last few weeks, I am due to see the gynacologist on Feb 7th, I have also been bleeding almost non stop for the past 7 months, thought I would mention this as it is all linked maybe?
Thanks for listening and sorry about the very long first post x

I forgot to mention I am 45 years old, a son who is 22 and a daughter who is 19, i smoke approx 12 cigs per day.
I am wondering if the fact that I have had the tenderness for 2 years is a good or bad thing, does that mean I would have had more than just a painful breast in that time or can cancer sit there not bothering you for such a long time?
I am trying not to worry but I have a cloud hanging over me, I have just had the appointment through and its on the 18th Jan which is a week on Tuesday.

Hi Danatolli
Dont apologise for spilling out the awful worries you have here-thats what we’re here for: )
You have had a worrying time and I suppose you just have to forget about what happened in thge past with the apparent lack of interest from your GP. What you need to think about is getting the tests done and seeing what they find-or dont find hopefully.
There are such a lot of different symptoms with the breast- you just need to read some of them on here to see that sometimes its pain, sometimes a lump, sometimes a different ‘feeling’.As the GP said, hormones can cause havoc with your body and its maybe the cause of the discomfort.
I would suggest speaking to one of the staff on the helpline(number above) if you want some understanding and more knowledgeable advice than mine :slight_smile:
I know how difficult the waiting is-are you sure there will be a 2 week wait?. Not all clinics do this so hopefully you’ll know sooner.
Whatever the outcome, we all here for you.
Best of luck

Hi Danatolli,
sorry to hear of your concerns. Yes it certainly is a very worrying time for you at the moment, practically everyone on here has been at that stage at one time or another so we here do know what you are feeling and fully understand your fears.
I agree with the advice to chat to someone on the helpline here, many have and feel lots better for it and had some of their worries calmed a little.
I know it’s easy said but try to keep occupied, go for walks, have some ‘me’ time, eat something and certainly come back on here if you want some support in a way that others can’t deliver. Friends and family are great but I found this place a godsend because we are all in the same boat with worries and waiting for appointments and results etc.
I hope that you find your way through the next couple of weeks, and when you have your appointment that everything becomes clear and that you have some good results and positive news. If the results aren’t what you were hoping for don’t despair because we will be here for you to help you through this, it’s a cra+++y disease but we don’t let it get to us.
Hope this helps
Love and cyber hugs
Suze xx

I second what the others have said, and to answer your question about the breast pain you’ve been having, don’t forget that the pain could be completely unconnected with the lump that the consultant found. You said yourself, you’ve had other things going on that could have affected it, and unfortunately we humans don’t get just one thing at a time.

I suggest you take a look at some of the publications on this site to find out more about the sort of things that show up as lumps. And do bear in mind that 9 out of 10 lumps turn out to be benign, so even though you’ll be worrying yourself sick at the moment, there are so many things that it could be other than cancer. You might also find it helps to call the helpline (number at the top of the page) to talk it through with a voice, not just words on a screen.

Also take care about googling too much, there’s a lot of “information” out there that is out of date at best and completely wrong at worst, so stick to reputable sites or you’ll end up getting in a total pickle before your next appointment.

And feel free to post on here any time you like, about anything you like. We know what you’re going through as we’ve all been there, and it sucks.

Fingers crossed for you


Thanks Girls…
I will ring the help line later I think, I did’nt ask the right questions when the consultant told me he found a lump which is strange for me as I work in recruitment and I am usually like a dog with a bone doing the fact find questions lol.
I did’nt ask if it was a hard lump or how big it was, he did say it was’nt attached to anything but what that means I don’t know, when I asked him if he thought it could be BC he said he couldnt say either way, that its 50-50, he was very nice and told me not to worry, yeah right like that is possible!
Yes he did say that it would be 2 weeks after my next appointment that I would get results but after reading some experiences on here I will ask the radiographer if it looks bad as it seems they sometimes tell you.
Although I am obviously aware of breast cancer it’s not until you go onto a site like this and read some of your stories that you really get how real it is, you guys have your own problems that you are going through and yet you take the time and care enough to lend an ear and listen to others like me, you are all an inspiration and I will include all of the BCC members in my prayers from now on I think you are all bloody brilliant xx

Im OK most of the time then i get a wave of anxiety, suppose everyone does eh x

Hi All

I have my appointment tomorrow for the mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy, just wondering what I should ask if I do get to see my consultant tomorrow as well? I have kicked myself for not asking the right questions last time when he found the lump!
I have been OK worry wise on the whole but as of yesterday the rollercoaster is now at peak! my breast feels so tender at the moment and the other one is fine, convinced I will be getting bad news…will update you all if I find anything out tomorrow

Daniella x

Hi Daniella, I suffered from sore and tender breasts for several years and got as far as scans, ultrasound and even a biopsy on an area of thickening but it was all something they called benign breast disease so fingers crossed it is nothing to worry about xx Even if there is something there, it is a horrible shock but much better diagnosed early than left. 9 years on, during an ultrasound for yet another cysts, they spotted an area which looked like “localised” thickening, said it probably was nothing but a biopsy was a good idea. Turns out that it is bc but early stage and slow growing so would not have been diagnosed for a while yet as I have no visible/detectable lump. All consultants are saying I have to view it is as very positive that it has been found at this stage as the prognosis is very good.

The consultant told me once that soreness is generally a good sign that there is nothing wrong so I think there is a good chance that yours is nothing to worry about. If by any chance they do find something there, it is way better that you are checking it out and they will find it and treat it early if need be. They told me I might have had this for “a few months or a few years” without it spreading far, so don’t automatically assume that all cancers develop fast. I could have had this for more than two years but it is still 1cm, stage 1 and grade 1.

Got everything crossed for you that it’s nothing but you are doing the right thing to persist and get it checked if you are worried. Bc is definitely better out than in!

By the way my op is next Tuesday (WLE to take lump out and sentinel node biopsy to check that it hasnt spread to lymph) and it is only a day surgery. I have everything crossed that it is no worse than that and that preventative radiotherapy and tamoxifen will be worst of it. Even if it isn’t, I am still glad to have been diagnosed and to be moving forwards.

Try to keep busy and think about other things but if talking helps, don’t worry about what people on here will think, most people have what if moments and it’s only to be expected with this horrible disease xx

Ps: I am 47, same sort of age as you, single mum of teenaged boys. If consultant is there and if there is something they need to treat size, grade, what type of bc, is there any sign of vascular or lymph involvement and how would they propose to treat are questions they might give you “approximate” answers to. They wouldnt know for sure until they take it out and look under a microscope but my occupational health people at work said that women who work in things where they are used to feeling in charge are often hit psychologically by this because they feel out if control. In a minor way, I feel like if I understand about my type of bc (it is tubular with some DCIS round it) then I am making choices in a more informed way and it feels better.

Hope this is irrelevant to you because it’s nothing, Sue xxx

Hi Sue

Thank you for your comments and I will keep everything crossed for you with your Op x <3

I feel like a complete Zombie today!I was hoping that someone could tell me whether having had the painful breast for so long whether it was a bad sign and you sort of answered that so thank you.
I have convinced myself that I have it, even though I have been under the gynocologist for several years with my cervix that did’nt really get to me like this has, I think thats because with the breast I can actually feel that something is wrong, it’s wierd becasue even the left rib cage is tender it was so bad I went to the walk in centre with it about 6 weeks ago and I only remembered that this weekend and wondered if it could be connected, I have had high enzymes in my liver for approx 6 years and may have to have a biopsy for that in March as they have got worse and again I am thinking could that be connected and now I have painfull calf muscles and thighs! hopefully I am just going mad eh, It is so true what you said about not being in control as I am a control freak so thats probably what is getting to me…

I will keep you posted x

Hi Ladies

I had my appointment yesterday and you will be pleased to know that my lump is benign, I have benign breast changes and some cysts so did’nt need biopsy as this was picked up on the ultrasound.

I would just like to thank you all for your support and I have my fingers crossed for every one of you, you have a nice little community going on on this forum so I shall pop back every now and then if that’s OK.

I have the gyneacologist and gasterenterologist in the next few weeks and fingers crossed that all goes well I am going to make sure I get involved in some fund raising, need to get fit first though!

Thanks again Ladies xxx

I’m glad it’s good news on at least one front (sorry!) for you.



I am DELIGHTED for you! It’s so nice to read some good news on here, and the relief for you getting the “B” word (benign) must be enormous.


Dear Danotolli,

So pleased for you. Great to hear some good news. Hope your other health issues resolve themselves too and you can enjoy life xx