scan results and first biphosphonate

Hi, I wrote a post a while ago, when I wasn’t sure the extent of my secondaries. I got the scan results yesterday. There is cancer in the bones of my head, shoulder, back upper and lower and hip aswell as in my lungs.
I’m on letrozole and yesterday was given a biphosphonate drip.

They said I might feel flu symptoms the next day but I didn’t expect to feel this bad. Does it get any easier for the next ones? I can’t imagine going through this every month.

Hi Polly

Sorry to hear about the secondaries, it is not a nice thing to be told.

I had the flu symptoms with my first bisphosphonate treatment it gets better. I didnt feel like I had flu from then on. I am sure you wont go through that again.

Rest and keep warm, and let someone give you lots of TLC.


Hi Polly

sorry to hear you are having to go through the flu like symptoms I had it bad a few years ago and wasnt able to have it again but my onc may put me back on them as you can imagine I am dreading it. All the reports from the ladies on here are that it gets better so dont do what I did and not have the second one. I had not found this forum so I had no good advice. Take care lots of rest and plenty of fluids. Like Anne says keep warm.

Love Debsxxx

Hi Polly,

You don’t say which bisphosphonate infusion you are having, the most common are zometa and pamidronate. I have been on pamidronate now since Jan03 and haven’t really experienced any symptoms on them. I know that the flu one is very common the first time around, but doesn’t usually happen again. So do persevere and I hope you feel the benefits soon. I found that it took 3-4 treatments before I really started to notice the benefits.


Hi Polly

Just thought you may be interested in this link, it will take you to our factsheet about bisphosphonates including information about common side effects:

Best wishes

Hi…My first infusion made me feel awful the next day but all infusions after this were symptom free.
If you have any bone pain it may feel a little worse at first but this too shouldn’t last long.
Best Wishes…xx

Thanks for your replies. I think it was zometa I had. I felt really hellish the night after I had it, restless and uncomfortable then the next day I could hardly stand up or do anything. I’ve never watched so much rubbish day time telly! I just kept falling asleep and had to farm the children out to my sister. Luckily my husband works from home so he kept plying me with drinks and snacks.

I was thinking I couldn’t bear to go through it again but I feel so much better today and with your reassurance that the next one won’t be as bad I’m feeling much braver.
Thank you!