Scan results - good news!

Just got my scan results phoned through a day early as onc. can’t make appointment tomorrow. It’s good news and there’s still NED(no evidence of disease)as same as the last scan in November so am going to carry on with Arimidex and Zoladex and keep off chemo for now so I’m very relieved. I know it’s not much comfort to those going through not so good times but I hope it may give hope to some that 9 months of taxol/avastin seems to have worked for me at the moment.This time last year I had just been diagnosed with secondaries in both lungs and 4 very actively involved lymph nodes around my upper clavicle and lung and now there’s nothing showing. The next scan is at the end of May so I need to concentrate of getting my dog to be able to be left so that I can go on a holiday before then in case chemo beckons once more.
Take care all and thanks for all the positive vibes.

Anne xx

brilliant news I am so pleased for you. It gives hope to those new members of the forum so do not ever feel the need to hold back.
Now the dog, maybe take him to a class to train him. Mind you I think you should have taken you know who to one of those! SORRY!
Love Debsxxx

Hurrah!! Great news!

Fantastic news , Anne - so pleased for you! Jaynex

Great stuff sport - I need a holiday too, and my anxiety revolves aroun d the dog and not my teenage daughters at all!

Fantastic news Anne, I’m really, really pleased for you. Yes, get the dog sorted out and book yourself to go somewhere fabulous, you deserve it!!

Lesley xx

Great news Anne, it’s always good to hear about scan results that show improvement or NED. Look after yourself and, as you say, get a holiday in before anything else beckons - in fact get several in if you can because it sounds like things are pretty stable for you right now;-)
Nicky x

Oh Anne thats great news - long may it continue. The Armidex and Zoladex worked very well for me as well

That’s really good news Anne…enjoy the holidays.

Please never feel reluctant to post good news. Your good news is your news…everyone’s cancer is different.

very best wishes


So pleased for you, Anne. Hope you manage to get a holiday sorted.

Kay xx

Hey! :slight_smile: What great news! Belinda…x

wonderful news Anne,
have sent you a private message

Here’s to great scan results, enjoy!


What fantastic news Anne, I am really pleased for you and gives everyone hope when we read things like this. Go plan your hols and have a fab time.