I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to post my good news. I have just had results of a CT scan and have been told that there is no new growth and my mets appear to be stable.
This was in comparison to the scan I had 6 months ago.

So it just goes to show that Armidex and Zoladex are doing the trick at the moment


Hi Caroline

Great news – “stable” is such a glorious word!! Long may it continue for you.

Marilyn x

Fantastic news!


So pleased for you. Stable is a wonderful word at this stage for us isn’t it!!!
I had taxol 4 weeks ago and nothing has appeared to have grown or regrwon at that point by examination so felt pleased.
Long may stability continue and it’s good to know that for other hormonal ladies that hormones can do the job on its own.

Great news! :slight_smile: Arimidex kept my mets stable for over 2 and a half years…I hope you get the same response…Belinda…x

Caroline- fantastic - now you can really relax and enjoy yourself- thats great!!

Stable is the new well.

best wishes


brill news - and don’t feel bad about sharing ur gud news with so many of us. We all hope for that exact same news keep going xx

take care


That’s really good news Caroline, long may it continue
Best Wishes

Fab news Caroline, am really pleased for you, as know you were worrying bout it. Stable is a great word, and one we like to hear. Long may it continue for you.

Hope u gonna celebrate with a glass of vino - ha ha. I will have one for you.

Take care

Hi Caroline
That is great - stable is the best we can all hope for! what are armidex and zoladex? I know they must be drugs but what kind - as I am triple neg I know only about chemo.
Ena x

Hi Caroline
So pleased about your news. Hoping and praying my next scan in january has the same results as yours
Definately need to arrange a meet soon
xx Jools

Really pleased for you Caroline - and long may everything remain stable!

Lots of love Kay xx

Really good news Caroline - I has good news last week too; mine had improved! Great news given I had my last chemo in July.


Dont we just love to hear good news congratulations long may it last. I also think stable is a good word a very comforting word.

Love Debsxxx

Congratulations, here’s to stability! long may it continue.


Yahoo!! Way to go!! Funnyface

Fantastic News - Long may you remain STABLE.
Really really pleased for you.

Hi Caroline,

great news!! Am hoping to get the same after my CT scan on the 5th.

love Maroke