Scan results.

Hi ladies  
I had my 3 monthly ct scan 2 weeks ago and got the amazing news last Thursday that I’m still stable! My bone mets in my spine have not changed since they were picked up this time last year and are showing signs of healing which I’m over the moon about. My onc was very positive and told me I have many lines of treatment ( 7+) and he’s really happy with how I’m doing. I’m so relived and happy I’m doing so well. My current treatment is 400mg ribociclib, letrazole, zoladex and denosumab. I’ve been on this since feb this year and I’m coping really well on it. Thought I wound share this good news for anyone else just starting out on this treatment or similar. 

sending you all lots of love

Hi lollypop84, that’s great news, long may it continue… it’s also reassuring for me to read positive stories, I’m starting my new treatment plan tomorrow after being diagnosed with spine and hip mets couple of weeks ago

Wonderful news!  I am happy for you xx

Hi Lollypop

Such great news! I was thinking about you… we joined this forum around the same time. I too had good news, after 3rd MRI I was told there has been shrinkage and no new findings, consultant was positive - I was happy with that. It’s nice knowing how many lines of treatments there are for you… very reassuring. I haven’t had that level of information - I don’t mind not knowing probably because meds have been kind to me and I’m praying/hoping I can remain on them for a good while…but I guess I do need to ask and be prepared.

Positive news is so important for us all

B :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Lollypop, 

Can I ask how you are getting on with the Letrozole?

I’m supposed to take it but haven’t yet as I fear side effects.

Thank you, 

Angel Eyes x

Hi Lollypop,

That’s fabulous news!  I’m so pleased for you, I remember when you first posted and look at what a long way you have come already  Thank you for sharing xxx

Hey, that’s good news on your scan results, nice to hear positive stories,

i have recently just beeen diagnosed straight to secondary which was a shock, they decided after original diagnosis to do pet scan and a patch has shown in pelvis and in both axilla lymph nodes.

im currently coming towards the end of my first cycle and have only had slight nause so I hope I can tolerate it as well as you have, have you had any issues on ribociclib ? Xx