Scan tonight

Scan Not until 6.30 pm so got all day to think about it I would much rather have early morning appointments then today when I got up I noticed a charity bag in the porch which happens regularly but today it was for bc I could not help but have a little cry but then positive me kicked in and thought well if it wasn’t for people donating treatment would not be as far advanced as it is today xx

Good luck for tonight. I hope you will have a nice and peaceful day anyway. X

Thanks Naza my niece is coming over with her 5 year old daughter so I will defineltly be distracted but peaceful doubtful lol but adore them both xx

I look put for the BC ones now as that’s who will get my stuff. Yes, and it’s through doing things like this our treatment is more advanced and easier to deal with and we can feel we are helping towards others benefiting roo…hence the ’ brave the shave’x

SueW Fingers crossed that your results are what you want to

I had the same thing happen to me last week, but then thought the same as you and made sure I put something out for them.

It’s a shame you haven’t got your appointment until later today, but nice you’ve got the company of your niece and her daughter xx

Hi Sue
I’m doing in stages as my hair was long. I had it cut last week to shoulder Length. Then I’m thinking of asking her to do a style where it’s kind of thinned and shaved at the back, short at the sides but still longish at front as always had a fringe. Then it might feel better when I’m shaving. Im not shaving in front of anyone, just me and my hairdresser. I might not even dare to and ask her to put wig straight on!!!x

Hi SueW


That is a late appointment for your scan. I hope the day passes quickly for you.


Rhona x

Gosh, that is exactly how I think all of the time! Say something strong then when it comes to it brick it!!!
One minute I can be saying one rhink and the next in tears! Rubbish, me!!!xx

I’ve come off alcohol but I may need something b4 my shave!!! Rhats why Im doing in stages. I feel it wont seem as bad!!!xx

All the best for your scan.

I just had my hair cut today. Shaved underneath and a shorter bob on top. I have really thick hair and I think it all coming out would be too distressing.
Liking my new look just now though

Happy if you feel comfortable in doing so will you post a pic of your new hair xx
Thank you for your good wishes hospital called me to say no food after 4.30 but drink lots (wasn’t time for letter) and although appointment is 6.30 got to have dye and drink liquid do table time is 7.30 will be starving by the time I get to go out for dinner xx

All the best for your scan Sue. Enjoy your tea afterwards xx

Thank you whytefawn x

Back from scan decided on takeaway because it’s quite late and hubby goes to bed about 9.30 as he has early start but that’s fine by me as we going out Tomorrow instead so no cooking 2 nights running ha ha. Scan was okay but don’t know anything they wouldn’t be drawn into conversation but damn I tried hard lol xx the warm weeing sensation was strange but scan itself wasn’t bad at all so if anyone else having ct scan don’t worry about it as it is okay xx


Looks great ?X and hopefully will help by you going shorter before any loss x

Butterfly I was so desperate for a wee that I actually thought I would wet myself even though the scan man said he had been doing them for 11 years and no one had yet ???x

You did Jen x not quite sure what I thought it would feel like but it was different ?X

I did find my arm ached a little last night on lumpectomy side from having arm over my head for 15 Ida minutes but not too bad x